RQ – FPL GW1 Team Reveal

With the constant tinkering, research, statistics and FDR analysis, I feel I am 80% sure on this draft. I have gone a record 5 days without making a single change since the game went live for the 2021-22 season. Bachmann Meslier , Johnstone and Areola (all from promoted teams) each scored above 120 points last season. With Bachmann joining mid-way through Watford’s successful promotion and Watford looking more defensively solid, I am confident he will rack up the clean sheets and save points. Alexander-Arnold Never been left out of any drafts. With… Read More

Triple Cap Success!

Triple Cap success Well this was a week that I decided to roll the dice. I’ve been treading water for ages and I knew that I didn’t have a free hit, bench boost or a wildcard. The only chip I had left, to counter those who had wildcarded into a 15-double DGW, was the Triple Cap chip. Most people who were using it would have gone with Kane, Salah or Bruno.  I went with Digne. The reason was mainly that Everton had the best pair of fixtures of the top sides. I… Read More

An FPL Tutorial (Debut Season)

My “10 Commandments” of playing FPL Exclaimer: The following piece was a summary after I finished the 19/20 FPL season. I believe these points are still prevalent to anyone that plays. Previously, and to the day, I have been an addicted Sun Dream Team player since 2004 (1 x top 1k & 2 x top 3k). Goodness me there was a lot of harsh lessons that I want to share for my debut FPL season. Considering last season was an “education” – I would say finishing inside 300k was a positive and… Read More

Falling in love with Fantasy Football

This opening post will age me a fair bit. With a gameweek in mid-flow, I thought I would pen something a little bit different. A piece on how I came to play fantasy football for the first time, what drew me back in and how I have taken it more and more seriously, to the point this season when I decided to blog about it. 1994 Fantasy football really took off in the UK when Frank Skinner and David Baddiel hosted Fantasy Football League in the mid-90s. But I didn’t play a… Read More

The Guardians of the Gameweek

🔥THE GUARDIANS OF THE GAMEWEEK🔥 People of the #FPLCommunity! Are you tired of captain blanks? Then fear not, The Guardians are here to save the day!  Each week we’ll bring you our captain tips for the upcoming games, and hopefully some good laughs!  We are now going into what looks like will be the biggest double gameweek of the season, the big DGW26! We are all very excited to see how the players we pick fare this week, and to hear how you, the reader, got on when the week is all… Read More

RQ – GW25 Review & GW26 Thoughts

Gameweek 25 Review It worked out to be an excellent GW for me and the first time I have cracked the top 100k. I scored 86 points which allowed the climb from 106k to 79.4k. The two major headaches were: Start Areola or Martinez, fortunately my selection worked out Captain Bamford or Raphinha Despite the stats saying Raphinha, I was too intimidated by the EO of Bamford Antonio punishing me from the bench which has me wary that he may do that again (against Man. City) but it is a move I… Read More

GW27 onwards, Gundogan still viable?

Despite city’s traditional haulers returning, Gundogan is still a viable option One of the gems of the FPL season has been Ilkey Gundogan as an attacking force. It seemed to have come out of nowhere, considering his lack of attacking prowess since being at Manchester City.  But as the more traditional city FPL haulers have either been injured or out of form, Gundogan has more than stepped up to the plate.  However, a constant curiosity in the FPL community has been when the cavalry return to the fold (Aguero, De Bruyne, Sterling),… Read More