Darren and Thomas connected online whilst playing ChampManFPL. They had both won places into a group chat and got talking, a mutual love of football and fantasy football games was born!

Darren started the ‘Man On podcast’ in August 2020, he invited Thomas on as a guest on Episode 6 and the pair felt it had gone very well . A week or so later Thomas approached Darren to see if he’d consider making the podcast a duo. He accepted and the duo have been recording since October 2020. 

The comment they hear most is that there’s good chemistry on the pod and that they bounce off of one another well. To date, they are still yet to meet due to the distance between them as well as covid restrictions, so this connection is pretty special!

The Fantasy Football Collective website is the latest step in their journey. They both like to help people and put smiles on people’s faces. They thought that creating this platform to help others share their work, as well as their love for all things fantasy football would be a great way to give back to the community.

Thank you for your continued support.

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