How to Win Euro 2020 – Part 2

Introduction Time is short so let us be (quite) brief! This article will follow on from the ‘scene setting’ of my part 1 and will outline some specific approaches to Fanteam Euro 2020. I hope there are some genuine nuggets in here but I have to admit, seeing the amount of quality content the community…

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How to Win FanTeam Euro 2020 (Part 1)

Introduction Hi Again.  My name is James and I was briefly 12th place halfway through the FanTeam seasonal long PL game, before ultimately drifting back to a solid (and profitable) 300th. It was my first season playing this game and I learned a few things that you may find useful as we look ahead to…

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An introduction to FanTeam’s £1m Euro 2020 game

Written by – Tom Hartnell (@TomSkyFF) As the 2020/2021 season is drawing to a close we are heading towards a long dark summer of no fantasy football. But fear not, FanTeam is here for you and for this summer they are putting on a Euro 2020 tournament where there is a £1m guaranteed prize pool.…

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