RQ – FPL GW1 Team Reveal

With the constant tinkering, research, statistics and FDR analysis, I feel I am 80% sure on this draft. I have gone a record 5 days without making a single change since the game went live for the 2021-22 season. Bachmann Meslier , Johnstone and Areola (all from promoted teams) each scored above 120 points last season. With Bachmann joining mid-way through Watford’s successful promotion and Watford looking more defensively solid, I am confident he will rack up the clean sheets and save points. Alexander-Arnold Never been left out of any drafts. With… Read More

Back on the merry-go-round. FPL 21/22 first draft team.

Hello everyone, welcome to my first post of the new season. The Euros are over and the games are being launched for the new Premier League season. The biggest game of all, as always, is the official Fantasy Premier League game. I’ve had a few moments to get together my thoughts and here’s my thinking behind my first draft team. First, I have got together my shortlist of players. Those I am seriously considering (at this stage) in each position. GK: Martinez, Meslier, Leno, Sanchez, Guaita, Dubravka, Pickford. DEF: Robbo, TAA, Shaw,… Read More

GW38 Review & New season launch

Firstly, hope you’re all enjoying the break from FPL and enjoying the Euro’s (I know I am).. Going into the last game, this was my conundrum; I decided to opt for Option 2 to chase my ML rival and get back into the 30k’s. And…. We did it!!! Pipped him on the final day which got me a nice prize (£££) which I of course spent (un)responsibly. Gorgeous mug below at least… So where did it work for me; My rival captained Aubameyang Mane more than made up for the -4 I… Read More

Early Gaffr Gambits 2021/22 – New Defenders

I’ve had a look at the new forwards and midfielders coming into the Championship from relegated and promoted clubs, so now onto defenders. You’ll be glad to know there will be plenty of choice in defence when it comes to picking your GAFFR team… The Relegated Ones Starting with the highest placed Premier League side from last season, Fulham’s xGA last season was far lower than the other two relegated teams. They will shuffle their defensive pack once again this season, but they have so far kept hold of left full-backs Joe… Read More

Early Gaffr Gambits 2021/22 – New Midfielders

Early Gaffr Gambits 2021/22 – New Midfielders Midfield can be a minefield at the start of a new season in any fantasy football game and Gaffr is no different. One thing is for sure is there is often a lot of potential from clubs new to the league. I’m going to try and help you separate the wheat from the chaff from the current players from the Championship new boys. The Relegated Ones There are various midfield options at the relegated clubs, starting with Fulham. As mentioned in my forwards article, Ivan… Read More

How to Win Euro 2020 – Part 2

Introduction Time is short so let us be (quite) brief! This article will follow on from the ‘scene setting’ of my part 1 and will outline some specific approaches to Fanteam Euro 2020. I hope there are some genuine nuggets in here but I have to admit, seeing the amount of quality content the community has created, and the strategies people have come up with… it’s really making it all the sweeter when I win now! First we’ll have a look at the fixtures and consider which teams we want to cover,… Read More

Tournament time. Euro 2020 first draft team.

Tournaments are my favourite form of fantasy football. Short, sharp hits of football fun which could end with a trophy for England and a sackful of cash heading our way. Well, that’s the pre-tournament hopes at least. As regular readers will know, the last Euros represented my biggest fantasy football success. I haven’t entered the same game this time but I figure this is the last opportunity to post my big cheque pic as it remains the previous Euros until this summer.  This year, I’m playing Dream Team, TFF and the official… Read More

Disappointment and, dare I say it, boredom. FPL post-mortem

A brief note on GW 38. 42 points. Below average. Captain fail (at the last minute). A red arrow to a final position of 137,562nd.  Ho hum. Mmm. Was I the only manager well and truly burned out by the end of this season? I think the main issues were the fact that every single match was on TV and that so many more managers had both the time and the inclination to absorb stats/pods/articles in the same way.  There are more decent fantasy football managers. That’s a simple fact. Gone are… Read More

How to Win FanTeam Euro 2020 (Part 1)

Introduction Hi Again.  My name is James and I was briefly 12th place halfway through the FanTeam seasonal long PL game, before ultimately drifting back to a solid (and profitable) 300th. It was my first season playing this game and I learned a few things that you may find useful as we look ahead to the lucrative Euro2020 game. This first piece will mainly cover overview and strategy while the following one will look at the teams & players to target and then apply everything into picking a team (or teams!) In… Read More


People of the #FPLCommunity! Are you tired of captain blanks? Then fear not, The Guardians are here to save the day!  Each week we’ll bring you our captain tips for the upcoming games, and hopefully some good laughs!  For the final time we will be bringing you our differential picks, rather than the more obvious captain picks that you can work out by looking at EO and fixtures. This will hopefully help you make decisions that are a bit more outside the box, which can help you fly up the rankings before… Read More