GW33 – Ben’s SkyFF Weekly Preview

Introduction Welcome everyone to my next SkyFF weekly review! I know it’s only been a few days but because  these gameweeks are back-to-back, I’m back at it with another article! Once again, I have managed a  small rank gain moving up to rank #1666 and am hoping I can keep this progress going and press on  to the top 1.5k!  Review of Gameweek 32  Friday 16th April  Friday was a great start to the week with a single gameday between Everton and Tottenham which  ended in a 2-2 draw. Not much really… Read More

GW32 – Ben’s SkyFF Weekly Preview

 Introduction  Welcome everyone to my (late) SkyFF weekly review! Sorry for the delay but this week has been full  on for me between applying for jobs and celebrating my 21st birthday and time just got away from  me. But I refuse to miss a weekly article and so I will sum up what happened in Gameweek 31 before  going over what is left of Gameweek 32. To give you an idea of how my week has gone, I have  managed a small rank gain moving up to rank #1699.  Review of Gameweek… Read More

Tom Hartnell’s SkyFF Gameweek 32 Preview

Twitter – @TomSkyFF Transfers Remaining ⏩: 4😬 Transfers Planned 🔁: Gundogan to Maddison (maybe) Rank going into Gameweek 📊:  #315 Captains ©: Kane, Lingard, Bruno, Salah, Azpilicueta, Kane, Fofana (or Maddison) Friday 16th April Captain ©: Harry Kane With DCL being injured as well as being genuinely terrible and burning a £9.3m hole in my team I will absolutely not be captaining him. Easy decision for me, along with 98.7% of the top 1k in Sky I will be captaining Harry Kane. There’s not much else to say really about Friday. Saturday… Read More

GW31- Ben’s SkyFF Weekly Preview

Introduction  Welcome everyone to my next SkyFF weekly review! Gameweek 30 was an interesting one for sure  with lots of points to be earned! Despite a tough start for most, the gameweek picked up for many,  including myself, leading to a rank gain, moving up to rank #1749. Looking forward to Gameweek 31,  it should also be an interesting one with a lot of people breaking away from the ‘template’ team, so  let’s get into things!  Review of Gameweek 30  Saturday 3rd April  The first day of GW30 was a surprising one… Read More

Tom Hartnell’s SkyFF Gameweek 31 Preview

Twitter – @TomSkyFF Transfers Remaining ⏩: 6😬 Transfers Planned 🔁: Gundogan to Lingard and Stones to Fofana (Another 2, I know!)  Rank going into Gameweek 📊:  #333 Captains ©: Neto, Dunnoyet, Bruno, Calvert-Lewin Friday 9th April Captain ©: Pedro Neto  Not a great deal to say about Friday really, only one player playing in a game I probably won’t even watch. I bit the bullet last week and brought in Neto for Vestergaard with this captaincy day in mind. I didn’t want Patricio as I didn’t trust the Wolves defence and I… Read More

GW30 – Ben’s SkyFF Weekly Preview

Introduction  Welcome everyone to another SkyFF weekly review! Sorry I missed out on writing an article last  week but unfortunately, other things popped up and I was too busy to get my article written and  posted in time. To make up for it though, in this article I’ll give a review of Gameweeks 27 + 28  before looking forward to the upcoming Gameweek 30. To give an update on my rank, I have now  gone up a couple ranks to rank #1799 with double digit transfers remaining! Also, one last thing  before… Read More

Tom Hartnell’s SkyFF Gameweek 30 Preview

Twitter – @TomSkyFF Transfers Remaining ⏩: 8😬 Transfers Planned 🔁: Dunk to Azpi and Martinez to Patricio Rank going into Gameweek 📊:  #334 Captains ©: Azpilicueta, Kane, Calvert-Lewin Saturday 3rd April Captain ©: Cesar Azpilicueta  Provided he is starting as I will be able to see the line ups I will be moving Dunk on and bringing in Azpilicueta. I’ve got quite a few playing on Saturday. Azpi, my Man City assets, Raphinha and Salah all have a game but for me the standout captain of the day is Azpilicueta. Some quick… Read More

19.3.2021 Sky FF GW27 Review

Entering the week in 21st a rank drop was likely. Having made my moves from the City assets earlier than most I could now sit back and relax (in theory).12.3.2021 – Starting with a Friday night battle between Villa and Newcastle, as a Martinez owner I was feeling positive. This was until deep into injury time when Lascelles broke our hearts. Luckily no other players hauled and a Tier 1 saves bonus was enough for 8 Martinez points. No ranking change for me here and it would turn out to be as… Read More

Game week 27 review and game week 28 preview

Friday 12th March  I started GW 27 just outside the top 100 having kept hold of all of my 5 city assets despite some others in and around me already moving off to cover certain match days. I brought in Matty Targett at the start of the previous game week with this fixture in mind (Villa vs Newcastle). With many likely to go Ederson to Martinez I wanted to hold Ederson for the Fulham game and then move on to Mendy for the epic Chelsea run of fixtures.  Although I was disappointed… Read More

GW27 – Ben’s SkyFF Weekly Preview

 Introduction Welcome everyone to another of my SkyFF weekly reviews! Yet another disappointing week for most, including myself who, despite owning and captaining the star of the gameweek, dropped down to rank #1921, which is my 3rd rank drop in a row. However, I’m still confident I can make the top 1k due to my 13 remaining transfers (which is 2.7 more than the average within the top 1k). Anyway, on to my review and GW26 before moving on to look ahead to gameweek 27!  Review of Gameweek 26 Saturday 6th March… Read More