RQ – FPL GW1 Team Reveal

With the constant tinkering, research, statistics and FDR analysis, I feel I am 80% sure on this draft.

I have gone a record 5 days without making a single change since the game went live for the 2021-22 season.


Meslier , Johnstone and Areola (all from promoted teams) each scored above 120 points last season. With Bachmann joining mid-way through Watford’s successful promotion and Watford looking more defensively solid, I am confident he will rack up the clean sheets and save points.


Never been left out of any drafts. With his end of season form and the favourable fixtures, Trent is nailed in my team.


At 5.5m, Digne could prove to be a real steal at that price. A proven fpl asset and should he stay fit, coupled with new manager Rafa Benitez’s defensive preference, I expect above 150 points.


A fantastic 2021 for Shaw which I expect to continue should he recover from his rib injury. With the imminent signing of Varane for Manchester United, I expect an improved score for Shaw.


It’s Salah, you never start a season without him. That is all!

B. Fernandes

I made the fatal error of not selecting Bruno at the start of last season and paid dearly. I won’t be making that error again. His statistics are astounding which I feel won’t slow down.


Underpriced in my opinion and fixture proof. He always looks a threat and his stats of chances created and xGI advocate he should be able to continue this.


Brilliant for Norwich in their promotion last season, I expect the Argentine to start well for AVL during the first 3 fixtures. Should Grelaish leave, I think Buendia could become their talisman.


Record breaker in the championship last season and I am confident Toney can perform in the premier league. With his ownership being so high, it’s a risk worth taking without being heavily punished should it fail.


Super debut season and I feel he will get better. With Buendia supporting, I can see another 15+ goal season (even if Grealish were to leave).


With enticing opening fixtures and a summer of rest, I am confident Antonio will hit the ground running. He is always a risk based on his hamstring issues, but I don’t expect that until later in the season.



Watford double up allows security of a keeper starting


Arsenals newest signing and wanted to have him in for the FDR swing from GW4 onwards.


Should have had attacking returns last season, I expect him to break that duck and celebrate by releasing that glorious hair.


Not expecting to play him much, but a decent 4.5m to cover should injuries occur.

A few constant concerns:

  • Should Kane sign for MCI, not an easy switch
  • No MCI assets which is a bold move
  • Double LIV defence is appealing (however I started with that last season which didn’t work out)
  • Buendia and Toney are punts, not proven assets
  • Wilson and DCL are forwards who are also potential haulers

Of course, this is subject to change but for updates, checkout my twitter rey_qur for my eventual finalised draft.

Good Luck on your drafts and please leave your thoughts and comments.

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