GW38 Review & New season launch

Firstly, hope you’re all enjoying the break from FPL and enjoying the Euro’s (I know I am)..

Going into the last game, this was my conundrum;

I decided to opt for Option 2 to chase my ML rival and get back into the 30k’s.


We did it!!!

Pipped him on the final day which got me a nice prize (£££) which I of course spent (un)responsibly. Gorgeous mug below at least…

So where did it work for me;

  • My rival captained Aubameyang
  • Mane more than made up for the -4 I took to get him in
  • Coufal proved, as he had all season, to be a shrewd asset that once again performed when I needed him most

With the excellent weekly points, I rose from 44.4k to a 33.6k season finish. Considering this being my second season of FPL, I am delighted with the final rank. 

Some further lessons learnt which I will hope to take into next season and, with some luck of course, finish higher.

With the game launching a lot earlier than expected, here are some thoughts to start the season;

  • Bruno & Salah locked in the starter draft
  • Have 5 x playing defenders (rotate accordingly depending on FDR)
  • Start template for the first few weeks
    • Important to stay in the pack
  • Give assets 2-3 weeks before taken them out
    • Then we are able to make logical actions, rather than emotional

I will be posting thoughts and my FPL drafts on twitter, please follow me rey_qur

Thoughts and comments are always appreciated.

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