Disappointment and, dare I say it, boredom. FPL post-mortem

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A brief note on GW 38. 42 points. Below average. Captain fail (at the last minute). A red arrow to a final position of 137,562nd.  Ho hum.

Mmm. Was I the only manager well and truly burned out by the end of this season? I think the main issues were the fact that every single match was on TV and that so many more managers had both the time and the inclination to absorb stats/pods/articles in the same way. 

There are more decent fantasy football managers. That’s a simple fact. Gone are the days when Kante is in 30% of teams because he’s a great player. Getting into the top 10k is no longer a realistic minimum aim of a very good manager. You need to be a good manager to ensure you will be in the top 500k now. Getting very high ranks now requires both skill and luck.  So how did my season end? Pretty much the same way it started. 

I got into the top 200k in GW8. I never got to a better position than 51k and never fell back outside the top 200k. A lack of movement really did make the season feel like Groundhog Day and it probably contributed to my boredom with it all. I’m not saying I played particularly well, that I was unlucky or that I did badly. I made (mostly) the decisions I felt were right at the time and some paid off, some didn’t. That’s life. I am disappointed with how the season tailed off.

But while those of us who have played this game for a long time have been used to rising the ranks pretty much throughout the second half of the season as we overtake ‘casuals’, that hasn’t been the case for the past season or two and we have to adjust to the new reality. 

Can I do that? Yes. I think I can. I’ve finished second in my work mini league again and that paid out a couple of hundred quid. It is the mini league scene in which FPL fun can still be had. I also finished second in my main draft league after winning the past two seasons. That really did hurt… I only relinquished the league in GW37.

Next season, I will park my Leeds negativity at the door. I think my reticence to back Leeds’ assets was sensible, emotionally, in the early weeks of the first season where I could pick my team’s players. I feel there’s far less chance of relegation next season and I will judge my own team’s players with less negative emotion next season.

I still think the Chelsea assets that I backed early doors are superb players and I will be very interested in their price points. Realistically, Havertz and Werner should be heavily discounted after really poor points totals. 

But the key to how our teams are shaped for GW 1 will surely be Harry Kane. If he’s at Spurs, he will be a great option. If he’s anywhere else, he will surely be in all our teams? I know there have been overblown Twitter memes about City winning 14-0 with DeBruyne assisting Kane but the prospect is absolutely terrifying for anyone who wants to see a competitive title race. It IS mouthwatering for those who don’t really care who wins the league as long as we see good football.

 One thing I definitely want looked at is the chips. They have become really boring. The game is actually made MORE predictable by them as they are used in such similar ways. I would love the free hit to go. It’s a ‘Get out of jail free’ card for bad planning.

The main reason I’d like to see the chips scrapped or altered is that they are given a tedious amount of airtime by pods/websites. This not only makes the discussions boring, it then feeds the template chip use that makes the game boring. 

Which brings me neatly on to the next topic. The Euros. I will be posting my team by the night before deadline but I’m already jaded by the chips. This is a tournament with very limited number of game rounds and we have the equivalent of three entire team overhauls and a ‘pick all the best players’ chip. There’s so many chips that there’s only about three or four viable options for using them. Which makes the whole thing almost pointless. I’m finding myself drawn to other games with fewer gimmicks but I will only blog on the official product. 

Finally, here’s my late-season screenshot. Boring, huh? 

Let’s hope the Euros are banging!

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