Last Roll of the Dice

Apologies for missing a couple of weeks. Long GWs, Friday deadlines and crunch time in my university course has combined to make considered writing (and even FPL playing) pretty difficult.

It’s also not been particularly interesting. I’ve been stuck between 100k and 120k for 6 of the past 7 weeks. It seems likely that I will end up around there and it has, in all honesty, been a likely finishing spot almost all season. I’m currently 106k and I was 103k in GW9!

I actually had a decent GW 37. 57 points thanks to a captain success with Digne. He’s been a great pick for me in all games towards the end of the season and I will look with great interest ahead of next season both at his price and at Everton’s recruitment. Benching Bamford isn’t a mistake I would have made had I been online in the 48 hours before the deadline. I had set him on the bench after the last match when I thought Rodrigo might get a start to reward him for his great performances off the bench. The news that Klich has been sent for his holiday early ahead of the Euros meant that the Rodrigo start wouldn’t come at the expense of Bamford. As a Leeds fan, I can’t be too upset that my FPL team suffered at the hands of another excellent performance. 

Onto the final GW of the season. The world and his wife will be captaining Salah. I could easily bring him in. But that really does seem like spectacularly pointless cowardice at this stage of the season. I need a spectacular week to reach my pre-season goals in mini leagues. A solid week could lift me into the top 100k but where’s the real fun in that. So I have to swim against the tide and cross my fingers.

Here’s what I’ve decided. I’ve binned my Everton assets and brought in a third Leeds player in Raphinha and a second Liverpool attacking full back in Robertson. I’m going to see if I can have one last rogue defensive captain success and putting the armband on Leeds’ one-man army Stuart Dallas. Leeds are in great form and West Brom are a rudderless, relegated shambles. Cue 1-0 WBA win!

There’s sure to be some very odd team selections and Leeds/Liverpool seem among the least likely sides to make huge changes. Liverpool simply can’t and Bielsa usually tells us what he’s going to do.

I do intend to begin looking at the Euros game in the week before that tournament and I will post my thoughts on the official game by the Wednesday before the tournament opens.

Good luck, everyone!

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