RQ – GW37 Review GW38 Preview

Wow, we are finally here… It has been a crazy and arduous season for us all. But I must say, I am happy that the FPL season is coming to an end.

We all deserve a “pat on the back” for surviving this rarest of seasons.

To list a few obstacles:

  • VAR (need I say more)
  • Last minute fixture cancellations
  • Having to be agile with BGW’s, DGW’s and even a TGW

Right, back to the business of my FPL week…. BAD!

I dropped from 33.2k to 44.4k which at this late stage in the season, is a real kick in the teeth. After being in the 30k’s for the last 5 x GW, this is seriously under threat after an abomination of a gameweek.

  • Only 3 returns this week (TAA, Mahrez and Lingard)
  • Salah captain blank
  • Transferring in DCL (despite me advising for weeks for others not to select), has proven awful

Season history since GW25

Considering my target was top 100k for my 2nd FPL season, it has honestly been a successful season.

GW38 Thoughts, Transfers, Captain & Team Reveal

It has been a productive last few days of “tinkering” and I’ve narrowed it down to these 3 options;

Granted it is not really advisable to take a hit on the last day, but I really want to go big and Sadio Mane holds the cards (should I go for him).

Option 2 is where I am leaning, especially as I want to catch my ML rival (15 points ahead). As Mane’s ownership is still very low, it could be a season defining move.

For captain, the only choice is Salah. It has been an emotional rollercoaster with the Egyptian this season. Specifically the TC fail which cost me about 20k positions. 

However, in the last few GW he has been ticking along for me and with the Golden boot on the line, as well as the Champions League qualification Liverpool are chasing, I expect a haul.

Of course, this is subject to change but for confirmation, checkout my twitter rey_qur for my finalised line-up.

Good Luck on your gameweeks and please leave your thoughts and comments.

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