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Well, this can only be described as ridiculously lucky. A season that appeared to be petering out to a lower OR than I would have liked has been saved by a Man Utd fan protest and a Harry Kane blank.

However, if I don’t see an asterisk next to last season’s poor score, ruined by the Arsenal v City DGW being called off, I can’t feel too guilty about being the beneficiary this season.

I only had TAA and Bruno from the Liverpool v Man Utd game and I know lots of other players had many more. But it wasn’t all pure luck. Contributions from all over the place with Watkins, Ward-Prowse, Digne, Lloris and Dunk chipping in. But the main reason for the gameweek rank in the top 100k was Son’s haul coming in a game where Kane got nothing.

Now, the OR has jumped back up to 104k. I have a decision to make.


The United triple week has been announced to great amusement. Yes, I agree. It IS a trap. I know it is. I’d be surprised if many play more than 180 mins but some will. Maguire does seem to play every minute and the attackers will probably play a part in all three.

I can’t resist. I would feel much worse about not making the obvious move if it goes hugely right for Bruno fans. I plan to get Rashford and Maguire for a -4 for Son and Dunk. Son might well do something against Leeds but the ceiling of Rashford in up to 3 games seems very high. I will make the ultimate boring captaincy choice with Bruno. I just don’t see why you wouldn’t. 

So for -4 I have potentially 25 fixtures with a captain having three fixtures. It really could be a massively important week in terms of the final OR. 

Good luck to everyone.

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