GW34 – Ben’s SkyFF Weekly Preview


Welcome everyone to another of my SkyFF weekly previews! Unfortunately, due to a family bereavement this  week, I am going to have to make it fairly short and sweet, but I will still do my best to get as much done as I  can. After last week I finally broke back in to the top 1.5k ranks and am currently sat at rank #1402, here’s  hoping I can keep this momentum up and push onwards into the top 1k! 

Review of Gameweek 33 

Friday 23rd April 

Once again, my captain Saka continued to disappoint with yet another blank. Arsenal vs Everton was a bit of a  meaningless fixture for Sky managers with all of the key players blanking. However, I want to give a special  shoutout to @JazzySkyFF, and any other managers who own Leno, really great pick there guys!  

Saturday 24th April 

Liverpool likely bottled our chances of making top 4 of Saturday but at least Salah, my captain, managed a goal  returning a nice 9/18© points. Chelsea managed another clean sheet so that was a good return from Azpi (7/14©) and finally one of my differential players actually payed off with Mount returning 10/20© points after  getting tackles T1, shots T2 and MOTM.  

Sunday 25th April 

Sunday again was a bit of a nothing day points wise for most of us. Leeds and Man Utd drew 0-0 so not a lot of  points to be had in the fixture where most people will have had their captain, myself included who captained Bruno. The only things worth noting about Sunday is that Aston Villa looked very poor defensively causing a bit  of worry for us Martinez owners , more on that later, and Patricio owners finally got what they deserved when  he allowed Burnley to put 4 into the nets… yes you read that right, Burnley… 4 goals… wow. 

Monday 26th April 

The final day of the gameweek was actually a huge success for me. I had the choice of either Soyuncu or  Iheanacho to captain and ultimately opted for the later because I predicted that Zaha would somehow find a  way to get a goal, if you don’t believe I actually predicted this you can ask @LukeNDN1995, he witnessed my  prediction. Ultimately, this was the right call, Soyuncu continued his trend of picking up T2 passes, returning  5/10© points however, Nacho more than doubled this with a goal, assist and MOTM, coming away with  13/26© points.  

Gameweek 34

Friday 30th April 

In light of what happened on Monday, I will be captaining Nacho again on Friday’s single gameday between  Southampton and Leicester. Southampton have been terrible defensively recently and so Nacho could easily  come away with another haul, however Soyuncu could still be a good option with a clean sheet and passing  bonus looking likely.  

Saturday 1st May 

If he starts, Dias will probably be my captain on Saturday. Whilst Zaha could do the double and wipeout a 2nd almost guaranteed clean sheet, I think I will take my chances with City who have proved themselves  defensively all season. If he doesn’t start, I think I will risk it with Mount as, out of him and Azpi, I think he is  most likely to play and, with top 4 for Chelsea still not guaranteed and the Euros in mind, I can see Mount  giving it his all this game.  

Sunday 2nd May 

Sunday is an easy choice for captain for me with Kane back from injury. Whilst there is a small chance he could  still miss out on this game, I think that he will want to play as Spurs will think they can still make a final push  for top 4 and, with nothing else to play for this season, I don’t see why they couldn’t. If he does start, this is a  perfect fixture to captain Kane and, with no other standout captaincy options on Sunday, it is definitely worth  the chances of him not playing. Also, as of right now I don’t actually own Kane and so will be making a transfer  to bring him in. I’m fairly certain it will be Azpi because he plays the day before and, since he seems to be  playing as more of a wing-back recently, passing isn’t as nailed for him anymore. However, if it looks like Nat  Phillips will still be out for the Utd game, he could be transferred out instead.  

Monday 26th April 

As of right now, Lingard is my only player on the final day of the gameweek and so he will be my captain and to  be honest, I’m perfectly happy with that as I think he is the best captain of the day. There is a possibility that I will transfer out Martinez to Pope with Burnley’s single gameday next week in mind, but I am not certain on  that one and will decide over the weekend.  

GW34 Captains 

30th April – Kelechi Iheanacho 

1st May – Ruben Dias/ Mason Mount 

2nd May – Harry Kane 

3rd May – Jesse Lingard 

Planned Transfers

2nd May – Azpilicueta/ Phillips -> Kane© 

3rd May (unconfirmed transfer) – Martinez -> Pope 

And there we have it, another week gone and another one beginning! On a side note, I will be taking part in  the social media blackout and so won’t be very active on my twitter over the weekend but, good luck with  Gameweek 34, and if you have any questions please do message me on Twitter (@BenSkyFF) and I will get  back to you after the blackout.

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