GW33 – Ben’s SkyFF Weekly Preview


Welcome everyone to my next SkyFF weekly review! I know it’s only been a few days but because  these gameweeks are back-to-back, I’m back at it with another article! Once again, I have managed a  small rank gain moving up to rank #1666 and am hoping I can keep this progress going and press on  to the top 1.5k! 

Review of Gameweek 32 

Friday 16th April 

Friday was a great start to the week with a single gameday between Everton and Tottenham which  ended in a 2-2 draw. Not much really needs to be said on this one, almost everyone will have been  on Kane© and therefore will have come away 34 points (17 for any non captainers) with Kane having  scored a brace, with T1 shots and MOTM to go with it. The only negative of the match is that Kane  came off in ET with an injury and it is looking likely he will miss at least 1, likely more, matches and  so I will be moving him on until he returns. 

Saturday 17th April 

On Saturday I finally captained the trustworthy Jesse Lingard in the early fixture against Newcastle.  Lingard was my only player this day but regardless, I would have captained him having made the  mistake not to twice in a row now. After looking quiet all game, Lingard managed to get a late  penalty, meaning his scoring streak continued and returning a total of 8/16© points. Annoyingly,  Lingard wasn’t the only player who’s scoring streak, as did the streak of the Wolves goalkeeper who  won’t be named, who managed another clean sheet meaning a 9/18© haul. 

Sunday 18thApril 

Sunday was a quiet day for me with all 3 of my players returning low amounts of points.  Unfortunately, in the early fixture between Arsenal and Fulham, I fell for the trap that was  transferring DCL to Lacazette, only for Lacazette to get a blank and an injury, great. In the later  fixture, Bruno Fernandes, my captain, failed to be involved in any of the 3 goals scored by Utd but,  thankfully, he still managed T1 shots and so returned 4/8©.  

Monday 19th April 

The first of the two back-to-back single gamedays started on Monday with Liverpool travelling to Elland Road. This was a very frustrating day for me with both of my Liverpool players Phillips and  Salah missing out on the first 11. Phillips missed out due to an injury leading me to captain the  benched Salah, who later came on, giving owners 1/2© points. Those who made a last-minute move 

to Trent will have been pleased to see he got MOTM but other than that, not a whole lot to say  about Monday. 

Tuesday 20th April 

Tuesday was the next of the back-to-back single gamedays seeing Chelsea host Brighton. Again, a lot  of managers will have been left without any players in this fixture as Azpilicueta was benched  however, I decided to make another transfer here, moving the injured Lacazette on for Mason  Mount, who unfortunately blanked. Again, not a lot more to say, well done to anyone who is still  holding Lewis Dunk who returned 7/14© points. 

Wednesday 21st April 

As expected, Kane was out on Wednesday with an injury and as such, picking a captain was quite  difficult. The players I had remaining on Wednesday was Vestergaard, Martinez and Dias and, with  Vestergaard being useless since coming back from injury, it was really between the other 2. Initially I  picked Dias but last minute I followed my own advice from last week and captained Martinez just to  guarantee that I was safe from pep roulette. Ultimately,3 it was the wrong decision, with Dias  returning 4/8© points and Martinez returning 1/2© points, but still I think it was probably the most  sensible call and one that wont have hurt me too much.  

Thursday 22nd April 

Thursday was a day for burning transfers for most sky managers being the first of another set of back  to back single gamedays with Leicester facing West Brom. If you read my last article, you’ll know I was considering a Leicester double up and, with Kane being injured, that is exactly what I did. I  moved Vestergaard on to Soyuncu instead of Pereira, who I had planned to bring in but was benched  and did Kane to Iheanacho, with a plan to bring Kane back in for someone in my team once he is  back from injury. Thankfully, this decision paid off with the 2 of them returning me a total of 30  points, bringing me over the 100 points mark for the week, with Soyuncu getting a CS and T2 passing  and Nacho getting a goal and T2 shots. With 3 more single gamedays coming up, Leicester look like a  fantastic team to own players from. 

Gameweek 33 

Friday 23rd April 

Friday is the second of the back-to-back single gamedays with Arsenal hosting Everton. This is the  fixture that most managers brought Lacazette in for but, now that he is injured, I would expect most  managers to skip this fixture with there being no standout captaincy options. The most popular captaincy option remaining will probably be DCL who has been declared fit but personally, I’ll be  captaining my only player in this fixture, Saka. I’m not very confident with Saka as my captain as he  now hasn’t managed to score in the PL since the end of January but ah well, beggars can’t be  choosers, I guess.

Saturday 24th April 

Saturday puts me in that awful position once again, do I captain the player with the better fixture  (Salah v Newcastle) or do I captain the most in form player in the league in a much harder fixture  (Lingard v Chelsea). I also have Mount and Azpi playing in the Westham fixture, but Mount is pretty  unpredictable, and I would be shocked if Chelsea manage a clean sheet against Westham and so  really it is between Salah and Lingard for me. I’m really stuck on this one and will probably wait until  the last minute to decide as there is a lot to consider. Salah is currently fasting for Ramadan and so it  is possible that his attacking threat could be reduced, and it is really hard to go against Lingard at the  minute, I know better than most, but God forgive me, I’m pretty sure I’ll be captaining Salah simply  because the difference in difficulty of the two fixtures is too much to ignore. 

Sunday 25th April 

Sunday is quick and easy for me as I only have 2 players to choose from for my captain, Bruno  Fernandes and Emi Martinez. Despite the potential of a Villa clean sheet against West Brom,  Fernandes away to Leeds is a perfect captain for me for several reasons. Firstly, Leeds play very  attacking football and as such are easier to counterattack. Secondly, United have excellent away  form this season. Finally, and most importantly, Bruno is owned by nearly 99% of the top 1k teams  and will 100% be the most popular captain on Sunday. So, for these reasons, Bruno will absolutely  be my captain on Sunday.  

Monday 26th April 

Monday is the 2nd of the confirmed Leicester single gamedays, this time seeing them host Crystal  Palace. As mentioned earlier I now have 2 Leicester players to choose from as my captain and once  again I don’t think there will be much between the 2 in term of points. In all likelihood I will be  captaining Iheanacho simply because he has a higher ceiling and will probably be the most popular  captain of the day. 

GW33 Captains 

23rd April – Bukayo Saka 

24th April – Mohammed Salah/ Jesse Lingard 

25thApril – Bruno Fernandes 

26th April – Caglar Soyuncu/ Kelechi Iheanacho 

Planned Transfers 


And there we have it for another week of SkyFF! Good luck with Gameweek 33, and as always if you  have any questions feel free to message me on Twitter (@BenSkyFF)

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