GW32 – Ben’s SkyFF Weekly Preview


Welcome everyone to my (late) SkyFF weekly review! Sorry for the delay but this week has been full  on for me between applying for jobs and celebrating my 21st birthday and time just got away from  me. But I refuse to miss a weekly article and so I will sum up what happened in Gameweek 31 before  going over what is left of Gameweek 32. To give you an idea of how my week has gone, I have  managed a small rank gain moving up to rank #1699

Review of Gameweek 31 

Friday 9th April 

The beginning of the gameweek was a complete disaster for almost anyone in SkyFF. For those who  read my article weekly you’ll know that I brought Tosin Adarabioyo into my team in gameweek 28 to  cover the 2 Fulham captaincy days, of which this was one. This went swimmingly when Tosin was  benched for the Wolves game, meaning that for the 3 games I owned him, Tosin earned me a grand  total of 2 points from 3 games. Thankfully, I decided to stick to my own advice and not transfer  anyone else in for this game, having considered moving him on for Neto. For those who did bring in  Neto, they also faced disaster as he came off early after suffering a season ending injury. The only  managers happy with on this gameday were those who brought in and captained my FAVOURITE  player, Rui Patricio who returned 11/22© points, typical! 

Saturday 10th April 

Saturday was a better day for me because I finally made the right captaincy decision! I went into the  day owning 4 players Dias, Salah, Azpilicueta and the freshly transferred in Nat Phillips. Due to  Leeds’s attacking play, Chelsea’s result the week before and Liverpool’s recent defensive form, I  opted for my only attacking player for captain, Mo Salah. Thankfully, this was the right call, with City,  Liverpool and Chelsea all conceding and Salah managing a goal, shots T1 and a dodgy MOTM, getting  a total of 12/24© points. The real star of the gameday was Northern Ireland’s own Stuart Dallas who incredibly managed to put 2 goals past Man city, as well as MOTM and shots T1, meaning he netted  an impressive 21/42© points, if only I had stuck with Dallas over Vestergaard! 

Sunday 11thApril 

Lingard punished me once again… never again will I doubt the goat himself. Fearing the potential  damage of a missed Bruno and/or Kane captaincy haul, I followed the crowd on Sunday and  captained Kane. Both Kane and Bruno blanked whereas Lingardinho managed a brace against  Leicester City meaning he managed to return an incredible 17/34© points! Unfortunately for me, my  opportunity to fully capitalise on a Lingard captaincy haul has passed as, following this game and  with the Newcastle game in GW32 in mind, Lingard’s ownership rocketed up to 86.1% in the top 1k. 

Nevertheless, with a good run of fixtures into the end of the season, Lingard will absolutely be my #1  pick for captaincy for most of his remaining games. 

Monday 12th April 

After a fairly successful week, I decided to go for a risky captaincy option on Monday and captain the  out of form Southampton defender Jannik Vestergaard, who travelled away to play West Brom.  Southampton conceding an early disallowed goal immediately set the tone of the match, with West  Brom dominating the game, managing to win 3-0, congrats to anyone who took a risk with Pereira or  any of the other goal scorers. This of course meant that Vestergaard got a -2 for goals conceded,  cancelling out the 2 points he got for being in the starting XI, finishing on a total of 0 points for  owners and captainers. Luckily for me and unfortunately for most, DCL was injured and so was left  out of the squad that played Brighton and so my failed punt wasn’t punished. And so, all in all, a bit  of an uneventful day in SkyFF for most. 

Gameweek 32 

In next week’s article I’ll have a look at what has happened in Gameweek 32 so far, but for now I will  go over the games for the rest of the week. 

Monday 19th April 

Monday is the first of two back-to-back single gamedays with Leeds hosting champions Liverpool at  Elland road. I will be following the crowd and captaining Salah, should he start, as due to Leeds’s  high line, I’d fully expect Liverpool to get a couple of goals and Salah should be involved in at least one. If for whatever reason Salah doesn’t start, I also have Nat Phillips in my team so can always  captain him as backup, however, should Salah start, he is definitely the better option not just for the  safety of following the crowd, but also because Leeds is almost impossible to get passing bonus  against and Liverpool is likely to concede to Leeds’s attacking play.  

Tuesday 20th April 

Tuesday is next single gameday with Chelsea hosting Brighton, a game which I’d guess most  managers will have a captain for already. I’m still undecided on what to do on Tuesday, I currently  own Azpilicueta but had planned to move Saka on for Mason Mount but after more potential injures  to my other players like Kane and Lacazette (who I brought in this week) I may move one of them on  instead or I might not make the move at all and just try and save the transfer in case of other  injuries. So, worst case scenario, I follow the pack and captain Azpilicueta, but I’d say most likely, I  will move either Lacazette or Saka on for Mount and captain him instead.

Wednesday 21st April 

Wednesday is a really tough one to call for picking a captain with Kane, the standout option,  potentially being injured. I still am holding on to Kane in my team and so If he starts, against a very  leaky Southampton defence, he will 100% be my captain. However, if Kane doesn’t start, I’m stuck  with a choice between Vestergaard, Martinez and Dias, none of which I am very confident with.  Vestergaard, absolutely not and Dias I’m not very confident will start with a cup final to play in a  couple of days’ time and so Martinez may be the best option. I doubt Martinez will keep a clean  sheet whereas Dias could well do but, simply because he is basically guaranteed to start, if Kane is  injured, I will probably captain Martinez. 

Thursday 22nd April 

Monday is yet another single gameday between Leicester and West Brom, one which is absolutely  unskippable for anyone who does not own a Leicester player as they have another single day next  week. For that reason, I plan to finally get rid of Vestergaard and replace him with a Leicester player  to cover these single game days. If James Maddison starts, I’ll be tempted to bring him in however,  as it stands, I currently plan to bring in the SkyFF machine Ricardo Pereira in the hope of a couple of  clean sheets and maybe some attacking returns. If Kane is injured, I might bring in both Maddison  and Pereira, but as it stands, I’ll be doing Vestergaard to Pereira©. 

GW31 Captains 

19th April – Mohammed Salah 

20th April – Azpilicueta/ Mount 

21st April – Harry Kane/ Dias/ Martinez 

22nd April – Ricardo Pereira  

Planned Transfers 

20th April – Lacazette/Kane/Saka -> Mount© 

22nd April – Vestergaard -> Pereira© 

One more thing I feel like needs to be said, these plans are all very much up in the air right now  following the announcement of the European Super League. It is entirely possible that big 6 players  could protest their games, the games could be cancelled, or God knows what else so, I will be  watching the situation and seeing what happens before making any definite decisions. I also want to  add that as a Liverpool supporter, I am completely gutted and disgusted by the greed shown by my  club and any other club involved in this disgraceful competition. If the tournament goes ahead, I will  not be watching or supporting it and if it doesn’t, all teams involved in it need to be punished for  betraying the players, staff and most importantly the fans. Anyway, back to Fantasy football! As  always if you have any questions feel free to message me on Twitter (@BenSkyFF). Good luck with  the rest of the Gameweek!

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