Captain success saves the day

What a fun game this is. Those who followed my thinking last week that I was going to reverse out of holding my Leeds assets as their fixtures turn horrible will be aware that I binned off 17-point player of the week Stuart Dallas. 

Normally, such a horrific move would lead to a mighty red arrow, manic depression and a temptation to quit the whole season. 

Not this week.

The fact that I support Leeds United means that a 2-1 10-man away win against the champions-elect will never put me in a bad mood, regardless of its impact on my fantasy football fortunes.

But that isn’t the only reason.

The player I brought in for Dallas was TAA. His last-gasp goal was both extremely welcome and doubly so given that I had captained him. 

The injury news keeps piling up for my team with Raphinha and Cresswell picking up knocks, to go with the shock news of DCL’s injury and the less shocking news of a ‘setback’ for Jack Grealish. More on that later.

From the back, Lloris was let down terribly by Mourinho’s changes in the Man Utd drubbing. Dunk and Digne provided some great points on Monday. TAA delivered a late haul and Cresswell got an injury-hit 0.

In midfield, Raphinha should have scored before going off injured for 2 points, Bruno was bad, Son scored, and Ward-Prowse missed a penalty that would have turned a good week into a cracking one.

Watkins scored and Bamford came off my bench for DCL with an assist in his 45 minutes.

So, a total score of 60, a GW rank of 742k and a green arrow in a week where I transferred out the player of the week can’t be sniffed at.

I’ve ended up back up to 117k and I intend to hit the Spurs DGW with the max of three players.

Now to do that, I have had to take a -4. But I’ve been able to get rid of two injured players to get there. I’ve finally bitten the bullet and binned Jack Grealish. The Villa manager has become my least favourite manager in the PL for his childish antics over this period. He’s played silly buggers over Jack Grealish’s injury status for weeks and I’ve had enough. DCL is also injured, and I wanted Kane to captain him.

So, the move is Jack and DCL for Kane and Jorginho. Jorg is a slightly strange pick but I don’t have much cash to play with getting in Kane and I had no intention of a -8.

I considered captaining Son. But Kane is on pens, he’s playing well, and I think having double Kane plus Son will be a decent way of attacking the DGW. I also have Lloris in goal as I have no real idea which other Spurs players will play twice. They have been poor in defence, but they are playing two teams that are not in great form and a base of 4 is a good start.

The top 50k is still in my sights. But I feel I need a good week this week if I am to get there.

Good luck everyone!

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