RQ – GW31 Wildcard & GW32 Preview

Gameweek 31 Wildcard

The biggest decision was which trio to opt for when finalising my WC;


I went for option 2 which brought huge dividends for my score.

Short Summary:

  • TAA and Holding both returning
  • Captain Salah getting a return
  • Lingard continuing his sparkling form
  • Iheanacho proving to be the current main man for points at LEI

With a score of 77, I climbed from 87.5k to 48.3k. Thus, the first time I have finished a Gameweek inside 50k. With my team well setup, I feel I can roll transfers most weeks.

Overall Rank

GW32 Thoughts, Transfers, Captain & Team Reveal

After a fruitful wildcard, my decisions are straightforward for GW32. 

With the attacking “Magnificent 7” being the desired template at this current time, I feel I am a step ahead of most to haul as many points as possible.

With the DGW for Spurs, I am satisfied with having the attacking double of Son and Kane. My captaincy will be on Kane who I expect to be the top scorer this Gameweek. 

I will be rolling my transfer this week to be able to make changes accordingly for the TOT blank in GW33.

90% certain to have the line-up below:

Of course, this is subject to change but for confirmation, checkout my twitter rey_qur for my finalised line-up.

Good Luck on your gameweeks and please leave your thoughts and comments.

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