Predicted table & thoughts around the teams – Part 1

 On Thursday 8th May the ESNFantasy game finally launched, and the tinkering and drafts has officially begun!

In this article I’ll give you the community predicted table, who @Heskibo_ESN made as people sent him their predicted tables. I’ll go through each team from first to last after that table. I’ll give you my own thoughts and the best fantasy players from each team. Let’s jump into it! 

(Note that this is not my personal predicted table) 

Number 1 – Molde (MOL) 

After BG smashed the league last year, we’ve predicted that Molde will take the throne back this year. So far this year they’ve shown good football in the UEL, and went out to Granada in the R16. They have the best squad depth in the league, which also is a big positive as the games comes fast as the season got postponed. The problem with this from a fantasy perspective is that they will rotate, A LOT! If Pep Roulette wasn’t enough for you, you now also have to deal with the Mou’ Roulette! 

The best option to go for in defence is Holmgren Pedersen (£6.5) in my opinion. He’s most attacking, used to be a winger and he is nailed because the other RB is injured. 

In midfield there are a lot of options. The obvious one is Eikrem (£12.5), he’s the best player in the league, and you could captain him most weeks. Thing with him is that he normally dosen’t play more than 70 mins. Ulland Andersen (£8.5) is probably the best value player from Molde, maybe even in the league. He will also be rotated, as everyone else, but is first choice atm after how amazing he was in UEL. 

The attack I’d probably ignore to start with until we know for sure who’s first choice. It looks like its Sigurdarson (£10.0) atm, but with 3 good striker options, I wouldn’t go there. Better players and value in midfield! 

Number 2 – Vålerenga (VIF)

Vålerenga will be a strong title candidate this year, and quite a few have also predicted them first. They signed some good players in Layouni and Christensen, and probably now have the second best squad depth after Molde. 

In defence, Borchgrevink (£6.0) is in my opinion a must have. Nailed, attacking, and good for both bonus and clean sheets. Their GK, Klaesson (£5.5) could also be a good option if you want to go for a more expensive GK. 

In midfield Vålerenga has a lot of options, which all have good reasons for them. Layouni (£10.5), Dønnum (£10.0) and Sahraoui (£8.0) could all be great options. Christensen (£7.0) could also be a good gem *IF* he gets himself into the starting XI. 

In attack, they have Kjartansson (£11.5) who came to VIF after a half played last season. He went straight into a lot of ESN managers teams, as he scored lots of goals straight away. Also a good captaincy option most weeks, and could be good to have with the lack of good striker options. 

Number 3 – Bodø Glimt (BG) 

Bodø Glimt is predicted as number 3, and there’s a very little chance they repeat their last insane season, as they’ve sold their front three in Zinkernagel, Junker and Hauge. Although we also thought this before last season, where they obviously shocked us! 

Last year they kept the second most clean sheets (9) in the league. Bjørkan (£6.0) is probably the most attacking defender in the league, and with the new style BG are playing, he will be even more in the box this season. Lode at £5.0 could also be a cheap good option. 

In midfield Saltnes (£10.5) and Solbakken (£10.0) are the best options in my opinion. Sørli (£9.5), Zinkernagel’s replacement could also be good if he fits nicely into the team, though I wouldn’t consider him from the start. 

In attack, Junker was the top goalscorer in the league last year, with 26 goals. Botheim (£10.0) is now bought as his replacement. Botheim played for Stabæk most of last season, and didn’t really impress there. But in the pre season, Botheim has been better, and scored a few goals. £10.0 for a BG striker could obviously be good value! 

Number 4 – Rosenborg (RBK) 

The biggest historical club in Norway, Rosenborg, is predicted as number 4. They actually were in the Champions League 13 years in a row from 1995 to 2009. (fun fact!) 

RBK has always been strong defensively, and the prices are probably set what they are for that reason. But at 6.5 and 6.0 I can’t really see much value there. I guess Dahl Reitan (£6.0) could be a good option for a good run of fixtures. Augustinsson (£6.5) is a new signing, who could probably also become good at some point if he shows some good attacking plays. 

In midfield we have Zachariassen (£10.0) and Vecchia (£9.5) as the main options. Zach a box to box mid that always gets into the box, and is probably the safest option to go with. Vecchia though, is a new signing, who hopefully could make RBK better attacking wise. At 9.5 I think he could become good value if you have room for him. Ceide (£8.5) is also a young good talent, that lacks a bit of end product. 

In attack we have Islamovic (£10.5) and the new signed Mollins (£9.0). Islamo is currently the first choice of the two. I think both are a BIG no go, at least from the start. They don’t score enough to make them worth the money.

Number 5 – Odd

Odd finished as number 7 last season, but are predicted to finish as number 5 according to the community predicted table. Personally I can’t see them finishing that high. 

In defence, the main fantasy pick over the last years, Ruud (£7.0), is out injured. Kitolano (£6.0) had 1 goal and 4 assists last season in 1400 mins. They also kept 9 CSs in that time. Hard to fit him in with other good options, but could definitely be one for good fixture runs. 

In midfield, Odd have lost one of their best midfielders in Rashani. There is not a Odd mid over £6.5, which there is a reason for. None of the attacking midfielders are nailed, but if Kachi (£5.5) could nail the winger spot, he could be of great value. Kitolano (£5.5) is a box to box midfielder that returned pretty well last season. I can’t see him continuing this, but he’s nailed, and could be value at £5.5, especially as there aren’t lots of good options at that price. 

In attack we have Bakenga (£9.5) and Lauritsen (£8.0). The latter was great before he got injured for a long time last season. He should start as the central striker, and I could see him being a very good option this season. Bakenga came to Odd after a half played last season, and scored 15 goals in that time (1600 mins)!! The problem with him this year is that he will most likely start as one of the wingers. Therefore I think Lauritsen is the better option of the two. 

Number 6 – Viking (VIK) 

Viking finished 6th last season, and is predicted to be the same this year. Viking had a pretty bad start last season, and finished strong. Mainly because of Bytyqi and Berisha hitting «form». Bytyqi is now sold, same with one of their most attacking defenders, Pereira. 

I don’t think Viking will keep many CSs.  So the defenders for me isn’t something I would consider atm. But they’re new signing Pattynama (£5.5) is by the sound of it a very attacking fullback. Could be one to consider. 

In midfield we have their new signing Kabran coming in at £8.5. First thought was that it was way too expensive. But if the Viking management can do the same with him as they did with Bytyqi he might become a good option. Also heard that Fridjònsson (£6.5) COULD start at CAM. If he does, that could be a big bargain. Aukland (£5.0) could also take that place, but that isn’t that likely. Other than that, Bell (£5.0) takes most set pieces. 

In attack, we have the one and only Berisha (£10.5). He was amazing last season. But coming in at £10.5 I would have both Kjartansson and Botheim over him. But he could be a very good buy when Viking has good fixtures. 

Number 7 – Brann (BRA)

Brann finished as number 10 last season, after underperforming a lot! After the xG Model they should have finished 3rd after BG and Molde. The community table has predicted them as number 7 this season. 

The Brann defence doesn’t really interest me, as they only kept 3 clean sheets last season. Forren (£5.0) and Kolskogen (£5.0) are pretty nailed, while Blomberg (£5.0) could play a bit out of position, but not nailed at all. 

The midfield options aren’t great here either. If they could start living up to their xG, I guess Taylor (£7.5) and Delaveris (£7.5) could become options. 

In attack, we have Bamba (£9.0), the main reason why they’re xG is so high/they are underperforming so much. Bamba is a very good player that often gets a lot of chances, but has struggled to finish them. If he could start finishing these, he would be a very good option.  

Number 8 – Kristiansund (KBK)

Kristiansund finished 5th last season, mainly because of their top goalscorer Pellegrino (25 goals), which is now sold. Many have therefore predicted them to struggle to score a lot goals this season, as they haven’t really bought a replacement. 

KBK kept 5 clean sheets last season, which is pretty average for this league. But KBK has two fullbacks that are very attacking. Sørmo (£5.0) and Aasbak (£5.5) have a huge attacking potential. Aasbak is also on set pieces, but has struggled a bit with injuries. Their CS’s will probably be Ulvestad (£5.0) and Coly (£4.5). 

Their midfield feels so unsettled, and will be one to watch out for in the pre season. As they’ve sold Pellegrino and Sørli, new ones will have to step up. Kalludra (£6.5) has good underlying stats and could be good. Mucolli (£6.5) looked great for Fredericia last season, with 5G + 2A in 12 games, and could make the step up nicely. Willumsson (£6.0) also a new signing. 

The striker spot is also uncertain on who starts. Pemi (£6.5) played ca 1000 mins, and Kastrati (£7.0) played 1200 mins last season. Sivertsen (£4.5) is also one to watch. Very young, and very talented. 

That was all for Part 1, the top half of the teams. As there’s still 1 month until the season starts, lots could still happen. Part 2, with the bottom half coming later! 

Hope you enjoyed it!

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