An introduction to FanTeam’s £1m Euro 2020 game

Written by – Tom Hartnell (@TomSkyFF)

As the 2020/2021 season is drawing to a close we are heading towards a long dark summer of no fantasy football. But fear not, FanTeam is here for you and for this summer they are putting on a Euro 2020 tournament where there is a £1m guaranteed prize pool.

Prizes are given away all through the ranks with the winner receiving £200,000 down to £30 for a finish in 10377th. The image below gives a detailed view of all the prize money to be won. Entries cost £20 per team.

Enter your team now 

How to play

Anyone who has played FPL before should be able to pick up the rules of FanTeam relatively easily. That’s because they are largely the same:

  • Build a squad of 15 players that includes two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards.
  • A maximum of three players from a single national team can be selected during the group stage and last 16, with the budget for the initial squad set at 105.0m.
  • A starting XI is then selected for each Gameweek from that squad of 15.
  • One free transfer is allowed each Gameweek during the group stages, with each additional transfer costing minus four points. Managers can roll a Gameweek transfer forward but can never have more than two free transfers in their locker.
  • One Wildcard (to be used ahead of the last 16).
  • A captain and vice-captain have to be nominated every week; that player will score double points if they are captain.

There are a few key differences between FanTeam and FPL:


  • There is no Bonus Points System, this has been replaced by plus/minus points if a team is winning/losing during the period a player is on the pitch. (In my opinion this is better as its less subjective)
  • Goalkeepers get 0.5 points for every save made, rather than one point in FPL for every three saves.
  • Minus two points for committing a foul that leads to a free-kick goal or converted penalty.
  • Midfielders and forwards get an extra point for completing the full match.


  • Player prices can rise and fall based on form and in-game transfer movement but, unlike in FPL, a player’s ‘sell price’ is the same as their ‘buy price’.
  • The wildcard is the only “chip” available in FanTeam.
  • More than one team (up to 100) is allowed per person, with each entry costing £20.

There will be lots more content to come from the Fantasy Football Collective on FanTeam so stay tuned!

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