Red is the colour, disappointment is the game.

Aaah. What a disappointing week. I didn’t really know what to do, so I didn’t do much. I feared Kane but couldn’t get him in without spending points. So I didn’t get him. I just brought in Lloris for Areola to get Spurs defensive cover ahead of the double. Kane hauling with enormous ownership and captaincy was pretty much a guarantee of a red arrow. And so it came to pass.

The worst thing about it is that I don’t really see things getting better this coming week. But let’s go through it.

At the back, Lloris got 2, Digne got booked and let up the clean sheet late on for 1, Dallas got 2 and Dias got a clean sheet for 6. In Midfield, captain Bruno managed 5 doubled to 10, Son got a 1-pointer, JWP 2 and Raphinha managed an assist and bonus point for 6. Up front, DCL was really poor for 2, Bamford got 2 and Watkins finally scored a goal for 7. Those of you who are great at maths might have worked out that I got 41 points in a week where the OVERALL average (including millions of dead teams) was 45. Much, much higher further up the ranks.

A gameweek rank of (sob) 5.4million has dumped me back out of the OR top 100k. I plummeted down from 97k to 139,537th. As I mentioned above, I’m not at all sure that things will get better next week. A lot of managers are wildcarding and I’m kinda stuck with what I have. 

But there’s minileagues to win and that OR to attempt to keep respectable, so I have to get myself geared up. 

Leeds have done amazingly well in their first season back and, as a supporter, I am excited to see who will be bought in the close season and look forward to picking up their assets next season. But that’s it for Leeds players for this FPL season as the run in is horrible. I’m not going to spend points but slowly move off them. First out is Dallas, who makes way for Trent Alexander-Arnold. Liverpool are starting to click and TAA himself looks better. He needs a good end to the season to get his place in England’s Euros squad and I fancy him to react well to being left out last month. 

I will take a hit next week to get Kane in but I didn’t really fancy spending points ahead of this week’s fixture.

I can see the benefit of bringing in a City player to captain but how on Earth can we guess the lineup? So I’m going for Trent. In for a penny and all that!

Good luck to everyone.

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