GW31- Ben’s SkyFF Weekly Preview


Welcome everyone to my next SkyFF weekly review! Gameweek 30 was an interesting one for sure  with lots of points to be earned! Despite a tough start for most, the gameweek picked up for many,  including myself, leading to a rank gain, moving up to rank #1749. Looking forward to Gameweek 31,  it should also be an interesting one with a lot of people breaking away from the ‘template’ team, so  let’s get into things! 

Review of Gameweek 30 

Saturday 3rd April 

The first day of GW30 was a surprising one on all fronts. For the first fixture, I pointed out Azpilicueta  and Thiago Silva as the standout options for captaincy due to their almost guaranteed return of  10/20© points through a clean sheet and passing bonus. Unfortunately, Silva got a red card early in  the fixture and after that Chelsea fell apart defensively and ended up conceding a shocking 5 goals to  Westbrom, ending their streak of 4 consecutive clean sheets. I myself captained Azpi so was  annoyed to lose the clean sheet but, being totally honest, as a Liverpool supporter I was thrilled to  see Chelsea drop what looked like a guaranteed 3 points.  

Speaking of Liverpool, they looked like the standout team in the remaining fixtures, considering their  upcoming fixtures and the performance they put in against Arsenal, many of us will be considering  new Liverpool options like Jota or the incredibly cheap Nat Phillips (£5.1m). Liverpool’s UCL  performance against Real Madrid on Tuesday may cause some people to hold back on these transfers but, nevertheless, I would recommend keeping your eye on Liverpool players. 

The remaining two fixtures of the day, which took place in between the two I have mentioned,  weren’t quite as shocking, but still surprised with Leeds losing a clean sheet to Sheffield and Man  city keeping theirs against Leicester, but other than that, and another impressive performance from  KDB, there isn’t much to note on these fixtures.  

Sunday 4th April 

Sunday began with a disappointing start for myself, and anyone else still holding on to  Southampton’s Jannik Vestergaard as Southampton conceded 2 goal to Brighton, meaning he came  away with only 1 point.  

However, things were to pick up massively for me as Harry Kane came to the rescue in a fixture  which was one of my favourite results of the season. Kane was my captain this week and, having  scored a brace and earned MOTM, netted me 36 points. The fact that Newcastle also managed to  score 2 goals in this fixture was also great for me as it meant that yet another team pushing to top 4  dropped points. 

Unfortunately, the next fixture was slightly disappointing with Fulham losing 3-1, despite going 0-1  up, meaning that I received 0 points from Adarabioyo. But, as the other popular captain of the day  Bruno Fernandes scored less than Kane, it was overall a great day for me in fantasy and I can’t  complain! 

Monday 5thApril 

Monday was very similar to Sunday for me in terms of a disappointing start and exciting end. My  captain for the day was Calvert-Lewin who, despite having plenty of good opportunities, came away  having only scored 4/8© points after managing T1 shots. Unfortunately, this seems to be a trend for  DCL and as soon as I no longer need him for captaincy days, he will be straight out of my team.  

However, in the second fixture things turned around for me. Despite many people transferring in  Patricio from Wolves or Antonio from West Ham, I kept my cool and didn’t make any transfers for  this fixture as I already had the surprisingly low owned Jesse Lingard. For those of you who read my  article every week, you’ll know that I brought Lingard in before his fixture against Arsenal last  fixture, after pointing out his incredible points returns since playing for Westham. Thankfully, once  again this transfer played off with Lingard again scoring very early in the game and later getting an  assist, T1 shots and MOTM, finishing with an impressive 15 points. Unfortunately, I made the same  mistake as last week and went for the more popular captaincy option of the day and was snubbed  from a great captaincy haul, but from now on, Lingard will absolutely be right up there as one of top  captaincy options for the rest of the season. 

Gameweek 31 

Friday 9th April 

Gameweek 31 starts off with what will in all likelihood be a quite boring and low scoring game  between Fulham and Wolves. I can’t imagine there will be much movement in ranks for anyone  following this game as most assets from either team have quite low ownership.  

Neto is the biggest threat to rank on Friday with over 1/3 of the top 1k teams currently owning him  and, whilst I agree that he has the highest ceiling of any players in this fixture, his lack of bonus  returns means that, in my opinion, he is not the best captaincy option of the day, nor someone I would want long term so I would not recommend bringing him in.  

The other popular captaincy choice of the day is the Wolves keeper Rui Patricio who I cannot  discourage people from owning enough. Earlier in the season I got caught up in the Patricio hype  when he was a good option to cover Wolves captaincy options and I, unlike most, held him despite  his poor returns. I owned Patricio from GW 6 all the way until GW 15 and there were only 2  occasions in that period where I didn’t completely regret having him in my team. I will never forgive  Patricio for that run of bad fixtures and I fully expect history to repeat itself and so cannot  recommend owning him. 

For those who regularly read my article, you will know that I brought In Adarabioyo in GW28 to  cover captaincy both GW28 + 31. Unfortunately for me, so far this transfer has been pretty fruitless  as he has returned 1/2 © points so far from the 2 fixtures he has played for my team. However, I do 

think that despite this, Adarabioyo is the best captaincy option on Friday as I think that he is likely to  return at least 5/10 © points as, even if Fulham lose the clean sheet, I can’t see them conceding more than once and I fully expect Adarabioyo to hit T2 passing seeing as Wolves are a team that rarely hold possession. My main advice for this fixture though is that if you don’t already own a  player from one of these teams, don’t bother bringing one in, that transfer will be much more  valuable down the line. 

Saturday 10th April 

Saturday should be a much more exciting and interesting day for Sky fantasy football managers with  plenty of good captaincy options available.  

The first fixture of the day is Man City vs Leeds, a game which I anticipate will have the highest  amount of captaincy picks in it should City put out a strong side. Currently, Dias is my only Man city  player and because only 1 player has managed passing bonus against Leeds all season, and a clean  sheet wipeout isn’t totally impossible due to Leeds high attacking play style, he will not be my  captain on Saturday even if he starts. However, for anyone who still owns Gundogan, Cancelo or De  Bruyne, they could all be really great captaincy options and if I owned them, they’d likely be my pick  as I predict an exciting, high scoring game to kick off Saturday. 

The next fixture is another exciting one as Liverpool seek revenge against Aston Villa after being  embarrassed earlier in the season. I really like this fixture for captaincy as I think Liverpool are going  to really want it. They are chasing top 4 and need to prove that the last meeting of these teams  won’t happen again. On top of this, Liverpool will have a chip on their shoulder after losing to Real  Madrid mid-week and so will absolutely be going for this. Aston Villa will be without Jack Grealish,  who seems to be the heart of the team and so could easily put in a much poorer performance than  the reverse fixture. Therefore, not only will I be captaining Mohammed Salah, who looks to be back  in form scoring against Arsenal last week and Madrid this week, but I also plan to transfer in Phillips,  replacing Adarabioyo, as a differential. 

The final fixture is a tough one to call for me, previously I would say this will be an easay clean sheet  for Chelsea but, given last week’s performance, I’m not so sure. Still though, I’d be surprised to see  anything other than a couple goals to nil win for Chelsea, having put in an impressive mid-week  performance against Porto. That being said, I am not confident enough in this to put the captaincy on Azpilicueta, especially because I think it is very possible that he will be rested as Chelsea are in  the middle of a very congested run of fixtures. 

Sunday 11th April 

Sunday is another interesting day for captaincy options with a lot of highly owned players all playing  in the afternoon.  

The main fixture of the day is Tottenham vs Man Utd, which will no doubt have the most picked  captains of the day between Harry Kane and Bruno Fernandes, who are both owned by 98% of the  top 1k teams. For this reason alone, I think I will probably captain one of these players, but it really is  a coin toss between which one to pick. It is a hard fixture for both teams and there are definitely upsides to picking both players. On the one hand, you have Kane who is playing for a team whose season’s success depends almost entirely on them getting top 4, and so he will be fired up and ready 

for the fixture. On the other hand, you have Bruno who is playing for Man Utd who currently have  great form away from home and will feel pretty confident coming off their 0-2 away win against  Granada. It’s a decision I will probably make last minute based mostly on who I think the most  people will captain so I’ll have to get back to you!  

I was also very frustrated to see that Lingard was playing on the same day as this fixture. Twice now  have I made the mistake of captaining someone else, only for Lingard to go and outscore them but,  once again I think I’ll be captaining someone else for several reasons. Firstly, he is playing a tough  fixture against Leicester. Secondly, he is playing without Antonio, who normally is quite good at  distracting defenders, and so his attacking returns could lessen. And finally, for the same reason I’m  not considering captaining Saka, who has a great fixture against Sheffield, the potential rank loss of  not captaining Bruno or Kane is way too high risk to be worth it because, if I captained someone else  and they blanked whilst Bruno and Kane hauled, my season would probably be over. 

Monday 12th April 

Monday calms things down a bit with only 2 fixtures and no real standout captaincy options. Calvert Lewin, who plays Brighton away, will probably be the most popular pick and depending how the  week goes, I’ll do the same. However, I am considering what could be a really stupid captaincy pick… Jannik Vestergaard. Look, I know what you’re thinking, Vestergaard has been useless since the  overhaul, rarely getting over 1 or 2 points, but to be honest, so has Calvert-Lewin, and since it is very  possible that both will blank, I might go for the rogue option, since I imagine a lot of people will be  transferring him out this week, just on the off chance Southampton keep a clean sheet or  Vestergaard can pull off an attacking return. Even if Calvert-Lewin does score, I can’t see it hurting  too much but, as I said, I’ll wait and see how this week goes first and then make my decision. 

GW31 Captains 

9th April – Tosin Adarabioyo 

10th April – Mohammed Salah 

11th April – Bruno Fernandes/ Harry Kane 

12th April – Jannik Vestergaard/ Dominic Calvert-Lewin 

Planned Transfers 

10th April – Adarabioyo -> Phillips 

And there we have it, another week of SkyFF gone by, not that many left now! As always, feedback is  welcome and if anyone has any questions and want to send me a DM then feel free to follow me  (@BenSkyFF). Good luck!

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