RQ – GW30 Review & GW31 Wildcard

Gameweek 30 Review 

The pure glee in finally activating the Wildcard during GW30 should give an indication of what my results were like.

Short summary:

  • The decision to start Bale was a bad one, considering he came on with 2 mins left and stopped my potential Dias (2nd from the bench) points
  • Azpilicueta as my transfer got me a grand score of 0 after the WBA destruction
  • Gundogan not starting – thus first sub Cresswell coming in for just the 1 point
  • Antonio pulling up injured after his fantastic start to the game (suffered by not having Lingard in my team)
  • Triple Leeds vs SHU only totalled 10 points

The only saving grace was captaining Kane (26 points) which contributed to more than half of my 50 Gameweek points. 

This score dropped me from 72k to 87.5k

Overall Rank

GW31 Wildcard thoughts

With the multiple WC drafts, I am quite certain on the following players:

(CHE) Mendy, Rudiger – Despite the shock WBA result, I like the look of double Chelsea defence for the next 4 games.

(LIV) Salah, Jota – I expect most managers to attack the Liverpool assets and feel these are the absolute two to own. The hardest call is TAA or Phillips as the third asset, plainly based on how I distribute the funds accordingly. 

Despite being burned by Salah this season, he has looked a completely different prospect since Jota has returned into the side, and I am excited by the possible duo returns going forward.

(TOT) Kane, Son – If Spurs did not have the double, I doubt I would’ve selected Son. However, the fixtures look too tempting despite the poor performances recently. That coupled with Kane being in form could bring huge returns for the duo for the rest of the season.  

(MUN) Fernandes – I could never leave out Bruno as his ownership is so high, Shaw could be the second MUN asset that pushes me forward as his form has been fantastic, especially with the added incentive of being first choice for England in the Euros. 

(WHU) Lingard – Lionel Jesse, that is all.

(LEI) Iheanacho – Got the most returns in the last 4 weeks for Leicester and with Barnes out, could be a steal as a cheap striker.

(SOU) Forster – Cheap GK who is currently playing.

(WOL) Coady – I am hoping Nuno goes back to “old faithful” with the 3-4-3 formation, thus making Coady a more attractive asset. I will take the risk and draft in the Wolves captain.

(AVL) Davis – Cheap fodder as I am not planning on playing three strikers for the rest of the season.

The final conundrum for this team is which trio of defenders to go with. I have dissected it to the following combinations:


I have also thought of Vydra (BUR) but am quite comfortable having a non-playing ST for the rest of the season.

I have accepted the strong potential of NOT owning an MCI asset. The cluster of fixtures make it a gamble to own any City player. I will not rule out bringing any MCI in the future, but that is dependent on their status in other competitions.

Of course, this is subject to change but for confirmation, checkout my twitter rey_qur for my finalised line-up.

Good Luck on your gameweeks and please leave your thoughts and comments.

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