ESN Price Reaction


The wait is finally over. The Norwegian Eliteserien fantasy game has launched today and in this article I will be going through each position, giving you my first reaction to which players I think are must-haves, good options and some cheap bargains.

Prices through the roof

They have yet again bumped up the prices of many players this season and there is a record high amount of premium assets to choose from, which makes making a squad your happy with very difficult. There is less obvious cheap option, atleast for now and many new players have arrived with a high price tag. I have scrolled through the page a couple of times since the launch and tried to find some different options that stood out to me.


Must-Have: (Kristoffer Klaesson – Vålerenga – 5.5m)

It is not really any goalkeeper in the league that is a must have but Klaesson is a very good option. Playing for Vålerenga, who where one of the better defensive teams last season. 8 CS, 2 pen saves and 90 saves makes him a great option. 

Good Option: (Anders Kristiansen – Sarpsborg 08 – 5.5m)

Bought back after some seasons in belgian football. Playing for a team that  kept 10 CS last season and are often involved in low scoring games. Great fixtures aswell. 

Cheap Bargain: (Alex Craninx – Lillestrøm – 4.5m)

A couple of goalkeepers in the 4.5m bracket but Craninx maybe the best option. On loan from Molde and playing for a team that got promoted beacuse of their defensive solidity. Could be a steal with some great starting fixtures.  


Must-Have: (Christian Borchgrevink – Vålerenga – 6.0m)

Borch is a great option if you are looking for an attacking fullback. 2nd highest point scorer last season (for defenders) and is on some set-pieces aswell with a great left foot. 1 goal and 5 assists last season with 10 CS and 12 bonus to add to that. 

Good option: (Tomas Totland – Tromsø – 5.0m)

New signing from Sogndal, and could be a great addition to Eliteserien playing as a wing-back in Tromsøs 3-5-2 system. Can play right and left aswell. 6 goals and 4 assists in the second tier of Norwegian football last season. (OBOS-Ligaen). 

Cheap bargain: (Espen Garnås – Lillestrøm – 4.5m)

Garnås could be a steal in this years fantasy. Big central defender who scored 6 goals last season in OBOS-Ligaen. With Lillestrøms new signing, Pål Andre Hellands good set-pieces, he could score some goals this season too.


Must-have: (Ulrik Saltnes – Bodø/Glimt – 10.5m)

12 goals and 18 assists last season says a lot about why you should have him in your team. Nailed starter that plays for one of the best attacking teams in the league for that price is really a must-have. 

Good option: (Eirik Ulland Andersen – Molde – 8.5m)

EUA has had a lot of injuries since joining Molde but seems to have found back to his best in Moldes recent Europa League run, scoring 3 goals in the tie vs Hoffenheim. Only 4 goals last season but if he can secure a starting spot each week for Molde I belive he could get some big numbers this season. Great free-kicks aswell. 

Cheap Bargain: (Anton Saletros – Sarpsborg 08 – 6.5m)

Saletros is a very interesting option this season. We could see him playing more advanced this season compeared to last season and are on most set-pieces. Wonderful left foot. Could also be a bonus point magnet. 


Must-have: (Vidar Kjartansson – Vålerenga – 11.5m)

A proven goalscorer in this league and joined Vålerenga halfway through last season, scoring 9 goals in 14 games. With a lot of great attackers around him to create chances I think he will become this seasons top scorer. 

Good option: (Tobias Lauritsen – Odd – 8.0m)

Had some great games last season after securing a starting spot before getting a serious injury. Back fit now and could be the main man for Odd this season. 3 goals and 2 assist last season but in limited time playing. 

Cheap option: (Sivert Gussiås – Sandefjord – 6.0m)

Not a lot to choose from in the cheap bracket of forwards but Gussiås could be a good differential. 7 goals and 2 assist in his first real season in Eliteserien for a team that many predicted to go down is impressive. 

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