Differentials 08/04/2021

Differential [/ˌdɪfəˈrɛnʃ(ə)l/]
{of, showing, or depending on a difference; varying according to circumstances or relevant factors}

@FPL_Lionshead – So, you’ve clicked the link and find yourself here because your FPL team is dependant on a ‘difference from others’? Maybe it’s from your biggest mini league rival who’s a handful of points ahead of you. Well, this is the last stretch of the 20/21 FPL season and indeed your last opportunity to catch up.

But, before you change your mind and don’t read the rest of this article, establish the reason you need a differential first. Is it to beat your mini-league rival or is it only to reach a better overall rank (OR)? Because these two different scenarios are worlds apart. If it’s to beat your mini-league rival and they don’t own Harry Kane, he’s a massive differential for you even though he’s owned by nearly 50% in the game. Feel free to hit me up on my Twitter DM’s with mini-league related differentials. But for this article we’ll focus on OR differentials.

I’ll give you five players (1 x GK, 1 x DF, 1 x MF, 1 x FW & 1 x Super differential) I believe can be the saviours of your season. Players being overlooked not only by the majority of the game, but also the #FPLCommunity.

Goalkeeper: Lukasz Fabianski (3.1%)
The West Ham United goalkeepers’ team is currently 4th on the log and has a real opportunity to qualify for Champions League next season. This will be a massive achievement for the club and become a focus for them in this last stretch. 

Currently priced at £5.0, Fabianski will be an easy replacement for Martinez or Pope (the 2 most owned GK’s  in FPL with a combined ownership of 53.8%). His fixtures is – Leicester(H), Newcastle(A), Chelsea(H), Burnley(A), Everton(H), Brighton(A), West Brom(A) & Southampton(H). This is rated as the 8th easiest last run of fixtures of all teams and 2nd easiest of teams other than the traditional “Top 6” teams, just 2% behind Aston Villa’s fixtures.

Defender: Marcos Alonso (2.9%)
Chelsea need to step up their performances in the PL if they want Champions League next season. This would’ve been one of Tuchel’s conditions when he took over from Lampard. Even though there was a lot of rotation in the back row over the last few game weeks, he won’t have the luxury to experiment too much towards the business end of the competition anymore. Alonso was rested in the CL, so will probably start in the PL. I think he’ll start at least 3 out of the next 4 PL matches.

Alonso had the most touches of all players in the penalty area against West Brom. Chelsea’s next 3 fixtures is Crystal Palace(A), Brighton(H) & West Ham(a). This is by far the easiest run of 3 fixtures for all teams. He misses out on my “Super Differential” spot by only a fraction.

Midfielder: James Maddison (4.9%)
Maddison scored 64 points in 9 games prior to his injury. He came off the bench versus City for an 18 minute cameo, but will probably slot back into the starting XI from now onwards. If I told you I have a midfielder option that will score you more than 40 points in the next 5 game weeks for £7.1, would you consider him? Leicester’s next 5 is – West Ham(A), West Brom(H), Crystal Palace(H), Southampton(A) & Newcastle(H). For next 5, this is the 2nd easiest run of fixtures behind Arsenal (on paper, I have to add, it’s Arsenal after all).

Forward: Kelechi Iheanacho (4.9%)
We don’t have a lot of options in the forward department anymore. Most will look at a replacement for Bamford, who’s fixtures looks as bad as Spurs’ defence (I’m a Spurs supporter by the way).

At £5.8 (saving around £0.8 on Bamford – depending when you bought him – a discussion for another time), Iheanacho’s form is undeniable. As per the fixtures above (Maddison), it’s hard to look anywhere else and his ownership will probably be above 5% by deadline (under 5% is my requirement for a differential). Bar the City game, he scored 35 points in the previous 3 matches. That is an average of 11.6 points per match! At only £5.8 that’s  a cheat code in FPL! He might not start all the games with a couple of players returning from injury for the Foxes, but even if he starts half and is subbed on for the others, he’ll probably outscore 8/10 forwards in the next 5 game weeks.

Super Differential: Sergio Aguero (1.3%)
The king of FPL is only at 1.3% owned. You probably only have 8 more games left to own him and I actually see Pep starting him for the majority of the remaining Premier League matches with the league basically wrapped up for them. Of all the players out there, he is on top of my list for the player that will score the next hattrick. If this happens and you captained him, a player with a low ownership like this can propel you up the rankings in leaps and bounds.

Caution: You have to remember that City blank in GW33 and if you go with him you either have an exit plan or enough playing players to bench him.

Please remember that FPL is a game, my information is free and all of the above is just my calculated and observed opinions. There’s no guarantee that certain players will score. You can see this by the many big Twitter accounts doing horribly bad this season. These guys live, eat, sleep and get paid for studying, playing and talking about FPL and even they couldn’t predict Salah blanking, Kane topping goals and assists or Martinez scoring more points than Vardy. So enjoy the game, watch your favourite players play and banter ahead. If I get all of the above wrong, I’m open to all the banter I deserve.

If I kept you interested all the way to this point, please let me know on Twitter at @FPL_Lionshead. This was my first ever FPL write up, so be kind. ☺

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