GW30 – Ben’s SkyFF Weekly Preview


Welcome everyone to another SkyFF weekly review! Sorry I missed out on writing an article last  week but unfortunately, other things popped up and I was too busy to get my article written and  posted in time. To make up for it though, in this article I’ll give a review of Gameweeks 27 + 28  before looking forward to the upcoming Gameweek 30. To give an update on my rank, I have now  gone up a couple ranks to rank #1799 with double digit transfers remaining! Also, one last thing  before we get going, some of you may have noticed I now have a new profile picture on here and on  Twitter, so I wanted to quickly say thanks to the brilliant @TonysFootballToons / @DreamTeamTonic  for making this for me, much appreciated! 

Review of Gameweek 27 

Friday 12th March 

For the first day of GW27 I followed the crowd and made the popular move of Ederson -> to  Martinez to cover the captaincy of this single gameday of Newcastle vs Aston Villa. Whilst Ederson  has been a great asset recently, Martinez has been one of the most consistent players in all of SkyFF,  rarely dropping below 4 points, and so, with the single gameday and Villa’s extra fixtures, this move  was a no brainer. The move looked like a stroke of genius for most of the game with Villa keeping  most of the possession and stopping Newcastle from getting off many shots on targets. However, I,  like many other Sky managers on the 12th, was gutted when, in the 94th minute, Lascelles netted an  equaliser to finish the game 1-1 and rob us Martinez captainers of an 18-point haul. 

Saturday 13th March 

Saturday was a high scoring day for all SkyFF managers, with most of the highly owned players returning a good amount of points if you picked them as captain. As expected, Azpilicueta came  away with a clean sheet against Leeds (7/14© points) and despite my reservations, DCL managed a  goal against Burnley (also 7/14© points), my captain Dias managed to come away with a clean sheet  and T1 passing bonus and so got (9/18© points). However, the real star of the gameday was once  again John Stones who not only got another clean sheet, but also managed to get the opening goal,  meaning that he returned a nice (14/28© points) 

Sunday 14thMarch 

Sunday got off to a good start for me with Lewis Dunk, a player who I had brought in simply to cover  the Brighton single captaincy days, managing to bag a goal against Southampton despite missing out  on the clean sheet, that being said I can’t argue with a 9 pointer! However, after this my gameday  took a bit of a downward trend. Despite all of my justification to captain Kane in my last article, he  came away with a disappointing blank against Arsenal in their 2-1 defeat. Bruno, despite hitting tier 

1 passing and shots, also had a fairly disappointing game coming away with 6 points. And so, another  day where the big captaincy options fail to produce came to an end.  

Monday 15thMarch 

Monday was another day of mixed feelings for me as Wolves hosted Liverpool in another single  gameday. From a fantasy perspective, Salah returning yet another blank was very frustrating but, to  be honest, as a Liverpool supporter I was happy enough just to see us back in winning form with Jota  netting us the winner against his old club. Also, it’s worth saying that, after a horrific looking injury,  it’s good to hear that Rui Patricio seems to be doing alright. 

Review of Gameweek 28 

Friday 19thMarch 

Now on to the short but sweet Gameweek 28! The week started off with yet another single gameday  between Fulham and Leeds, a game which I had initially planned to skip, as I didn’t own a player  from each team. However, as the fixtures for the second half of April were announced on the 15th,  confirming that Fulham would have another single gameday against Wolves on the 9th April, I  decided to bring in the incredible budget defender Adarabioyo. Unfortunately, Leeds managed to  put 2 past Fulham meaning that my transfer only gained me 2 points and, with the Leeds goals  coming from the two most popular captaincy options, Bamford and Raphinha, I saw a pretty  significant rank drop, dropping out of the top 2k. 

Saturday 20thMarch 

Saturday was also a single gameday with Brighton hosting Newcastle. Those of us who brought in  Lewis Dunk, or any Brighton defensive assets, will have been pleased with a 20 point captaincy  having kept a clean sheet and hitting passes tier 2 (with Dunk managing 128 completed passes). Not  much more to say on this fixture, sorry to any Newcastle fans about the result but I’m just glad Dunk  did what I’d brought him in for! 

Sunday 21st March 

The final day of this short gameweek was one of the most satisfying days of the season so far for me.  After a lot of back and forth on my Twitter (@BenSkyFF), I decided that, after seeing the line-ups, I would take a punt and transfer out Gundogan to bring in Jesse Lingard. To be honest, I was really  stressing about if I had made the right call because everyone advised me against it but, as I’ve said  before, I’m at the point of the season where, if I want to hit my goal of top 1k rank, then I need to  take some risks and, as Lingard had only blanked once in his 6 games for Westham, and he had such  low ownership, he was worth the risk. Thankfully, this one played off massively, with Lingard  managing a goal and an assist, and to be honest he was unlucky that he didn’t come away with 

more, and so managed a nice 11 points. Despite considering putting the captaincy on Lingard, I decided to be risk-averse and captain the popular Harry Kane who managed to come away with 7  points after getting a penalty which, in my opinion, should absolutely not be a penalty but hey, I’ll  take it! Looking back, I’m glad I captained Kane over Lingard because, despite a Lingard captaincy  scoring 8 points more, the stress of not having Kane as my captain would have been rough and so  I’m happy enough to come away with 11 from Lingard, 14 from Kane © and yet another incredible 2  points from Saka. 

Gameweek 30 

After a long international break which was very boring and/or disappointing for most, including  myself with both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland playing poorly, we are finally back in  action in the Premier League with a really exciting Gameweek 30. I really think this week could be  massive for the season as a whole with lots of good captaincy options across all 3 days, so let’s get  into it!  

Saturday 3rd April 

Saturday starts off with 4 fixtures all with solid captaincy options. The first of these games is Chelsea  vs West Brom, a solid fixture for any Chelsea player. Azpilicueta and Thiago Silva are the standout  options for me, not only because of Chelsea’s great defensive form since Tuchel has come in, but  also because both players seem nailed on when they’re fit and seem to hit passing tiers consistently.  For this reason, I’ll be making the no doubt popular move of Dunk to Azpilicueta, assuming he starts,  to take advantage of Chelsea’s defence.  

The next game sees one of the most attacking teams in recent memory (Leeds) host one of the worst  defensive teams this season (Sheffield United), immediately making the Leeds attacking options of  Raphinha and Bamford great options for the armband. For anyone wanting a punt, I also wouldn’t discourage someone from captaining a Leeds defender, especially Dallas who could get an attacking  return, as Leeds could definitely keep a rare clean sheet in this fixture. 

Next is a massive game for the race for top 4 with Leicester hosting Manchester City. In my opinion,  this is probably the worst fixture with regards to captaincy, despite probably having some of the  most highly owned players. Vardy might be a good option with Maddison looking likely to return but  City are so good at defending this season that I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he blanked. However,  on the flipside, I also wouldn’t be confident in City keeping a clean sheet away to Leicester and, with  the Champions League game on Wednesday, rotation of the City defenders could be an issue, and  this game isn’t worth using your captaincy in my opinion. 

The final game is similar to the previous one, with highly owned players who I wouldn’t want to  captain. Salah will be the most popular player in this fixture simply due to his ownership but, now that he has blanked 5 games in a row, I wouldn’t feel confident captaining him, even with Jota back.  On top of this, Liverpool have a massive Champions League fixture against Real Madrid on Tuesday so, whilst unlikely, rotation could be an issue. For those wanting a punt, Arsenal players could be a  good rogue captaincy option for this gameday. Some of you may have seen Arsenal have a good run  of fixtures coming up and so may have brought in some players and, given the form of each team,  Arsenal players, especially defenders, could absolutely come away with some good points.

All things considered though, out of my available players I’ll be captaining whichever Chelsea  defender I bring in to my team on Saturday morning simply because I feel that it is almost  guaranteed to give me 20 points where other captains could be just as likely to return 4 points as  they are to return 40. 

Sunday 4th April 

Sunday sees another 4 fixtures however, unlike Saturday, I can only see 2 standout options when It  comes to captaincy. The first is Harry Kane who plays away to Newcastle which, in my opinion, is a perfect fixture for Kane. Tottenham will still feel like they have a point to prove after crashing out of  the Europa League and, with nothing else worth chasing, they will feel like they have to push for top  4. Therefore, I think we will see a hungry Harry Kane playing against a very fragile and out of form  Newcastle United team and I could easily see Kane coming away with a haul. The other standout  option comes at the end of the day with the ever-reliable Bruno Fernandes playing at home against Brighton. Bruno rarely seems to come away without some kind of return, be it passing, tackles an  assist or a goal and so I’m always comfortable giving him the armband. That being said, I think that  the ceiling for Kane on Sunday is just too high to ignore and for that reason my captaincy will be on  him.  

Monday 5th April 

The final day of the gameday will probably leave a lot of people questioning which player to bring in  to cover captaincy. Fortunately for me, I already have 2 players playing on Monday, both of which I’d  feel comfortable captaining. In the first fixture, Everton vs Palace, I have Calvert-Lewin and in the  later fixture, Wolves vs Westham, I have last weeks hero Jesse Lingard. The decision of who to  captain is a really tough one for me but I think I’m pretty settled on Calvert-Lewin. Despite Lingard’s  performance last week, I simply think that due to having an easier fixture, DCL is more likely to come  away with a goal. Couple this with the fact that he will be the most highly captained player of the  gameday, and that I get to see the line-ups for the Everton game beforehand, I think Calvert-Lewin is  the safest and best captaincy option on Monday. 

GW30 Captains 

3rd April – Cesar Azpilicueta  

4th April – Harry Kane 

5th April – Dominic Calvert-Lewin 

Planned Transfers 

3rd April – Dunk -> Azpilicueta ©

Phew! That was a long one, I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to read through all of this  so thank you! Also, you may have noticed I’ve included a section at the end here just listing all of my  captains for the upcoming week for anyone who doesn’t have the time to ready my whole article. As  

always, feedback is welcome and if anyone has any questions and want to send me a DM then feel  free to follow me (@BenSkyFF). I hope everyone enjoyed the international break and are looking  forward to final few months of the season. Good luck!

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