Clinging on to the top 100k

So the blank gameweek has been and gone and I’ve managed to stay in the top 100k. I was fearing the worst, having taken a hit and still having less than a full team. The week actually looked like being a genuinely good one at one point. I captained Raphinha and also had Bamford so Leeds looked like providing me with at least a grey arrow… until West Ham, Kane and Arsenal rewarded all the free hit teams with points galore.

But 38 (-4) still wasn’t bad and was well above the overall average of 25. I was really dreading this week so to get through it and be able to look forward to the last quarter of the season is a bit of a result.

And I was very pleased to take a look at how the squad is set up. Son and Grealish are still flagged but I’m going to keep them. I will captain Bruno Fernandes and roll the transfer. 

I will be honest, I’ve been very switched off during the international break and I feel we won’t know a huge amount about how the teams are looking post-break until after the deadline so saving a transfer and being able to make a more considered set of transfers seems like a sensible option.

Good luck to everyone. I’ll write something more detailed next week, ahead of making my next moves.

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