International Break Q&A – Get to know the FFC Authors

It’s fair to say we have quite a selection of managers here at FFC. Let’s get to know some of them a little more and how their seasons are taking shape.

On the hot seat today are Tom (@tomskyff), Rey (@rey_qur), Sam (@samguy22419531) and Demps (@dempseyfpl)

  1. Firstly, which fantasy games are you playing and how is the season going?

Tom – I’m playing Sky FF and an FPL Draft with my mates.

I’m 334th in Sky and 2nd in my most important mini league. I’m 20 points behind with 3 transfers in hand so I think I can win that.

Top of the draft league and I put that purely down to my knowledge of fixtures I’ve had to pick up from playing sky.

Rey – FPL 100k, Sky 10k, SDT 1.2k, Telegraph 1.6k

Sam – I’m playing sky and FPL, currently ranked inside the top 60 in sky which is cool and around 150k on FPL, Considering the first half of the season that I had in that format(awful) I’ll take as a good rank so far. 

Demps – FPL, Sky, Champ Man and waiting for the new Eliteserien season. FPL, the less said the better (700k ish), Sky much better (37th) and much improved in Champ Man (93rd). So a real mixed bag.

  1. And what’s the highlight been so far?

Tom – Highlight so far is bringing in John Stones on the day he scored two goals and kept a clean sheet! 

Maybe also captaining Bamford in Sky for his Hattie

Rey – Second season in FPL and breaking into the top 100k feels good.

Sam – Sky has been really consistent for me so there’s no out and out highlight, although captaining a couple of the Man City defenders for their hauls (Stones & Cancelo) has been particularly pleasing. 

In FPL I had an awful start but since Xmas I’ve really risen the ranks with consistent scores each week!

Demps – Turns out my highlights were nailing the Salah, Vardy and DCL hauls in the opening few weeks of Sky. I was blissfully unaware of how well I was doing as so many others in the top 1k were above me based on spaffing transfers from the off. 

  1. And your biggest mistake?

Tom – You know I don’t think I’ve made many “mistakes”. 

Starting with Grealish after overhaul is the only mistake really. I didn’t even think he was the best Villa asset but he filled a midfield hole and saved a transfer at the time.

I’ve made transfers that haven’t worked out or a player got injured but I would probably make most of my transfers again.  

Think I’ve just had rotten luck with Harvey Barnes, Vardy, Kane, Grealish and  Thiago Silva all getting injured after I brought them in.

Rey – Triple captaining Salah for the double.

Sam – Biggest mistake in Sky so far was starting with Christian Pulisic despite him not being fully fit. I should of moved him out once he broke down after game week 1 and shifted to James Rodriguez which would have netted me another 38 points on my current total putting me at a rank of around 20th!

In FPL I just tinkered way to much in the first few game weeks instead of riding it out and seeing some patterns unfold, this would of led to me picking a higher performing side! (In theory)

Demps – Probably entering an FPL team this year. It’s been woeful. Amazing what a bad start does to your season. After top 10k last season I’ve just not got in a rhythm at any point.

For Sky going Patricio over Martinez after the 1st overhaul has cost me but overall I can’t complain. Champ Man I at least proved I can recover from a poor start. Not starting with Ruud hurt me but I’d say that strategy hasn’t worked out too badly in the long run Veron has been immense this season.

  1. What would you say your management style is in fantasy football?

Tom – My management style has definitely been a safe one this year. 

Just plodding along playing the fixtures and making sure I have all the captains.

I’m not too much of a gambler. I will only make punts right near the end if I’m still second in my mini league.

Rey – 70-80% template with a couple of differentials to upset the applecart

Sam – I know this sounds really simple and basic but I simply choose the players who will score me the most points! For this reason I don’t take too many punts, and if I do take a punt it’s because I genuinely believe the player I’ve chosen will do well !

Demps – I like to go for players that have multiple avenues to points. I like attacking defenders in FPL and am drawn to players who regularly hit tiers in Sky. In Champ Man I’ve had joy lately in switching between premium forwards and attacking the fixtures. 

  1. We’re into the business end of the season right now. What players do you have your eye on that have very low ownership?

Tom – I’ll keep this Sky related..

Leicester defenders (there isn’t a standout) 

He’s not low owned but dropping in ownership. Salah. 

Diogo Jota


Chelsea defence

Rey – With a likely WC in 31 (FPL), firm eyes on; Neto, Coady, Iheanacho, Jota, Rudiger and Mendy

Sam – So I’m looking at Leicester assets such as Soyuncu, Tielemans and Vardy as well as looking to jump on some Chelsea defensive assets. I’ll probably be bringing in Neto in Sky for their good run and leaving him to the end of the season, I suspect most will be going with Wolves defensive assets. 

I’ll also be looking at a potential Liverpool defensive double up in a couple weeks to take advantage of a decent run, I suspect most will be steering clear!

Demps – In FPL I already own Werner so surely that qualifies. In Sky, I like Tielemans and Leicester for the next few weeks and in Champ Man I like Matt Jansen this season and may even jump on him before the Millwall game (Motley Barnets article shows this one as a huge mismatch and targeting them has worked well for me)

  1. After a hectic season, how are you spending the international break?

Tom – Watching F1!

I’m a massive car nut but just couldn’t get into F1 these last few years as the racing just wasn’t exciting.

Much different this year as a lot of the teams have gotten better. The race was fantastic and I was off my seat for most of it.

Rey – Lots of time with the Kids and more focus on my actual day job

Sam – International break has been nice to switch off from FF and I’m now really thinking logically about to how approach the run in with a fresh and recharged FF mind.

Demps – The first week was a complete break from Fantasy Football. I’ve enjoyed watching the Cricket and spending time with the kids. A few trips to the Recycling Centre too of course.

  1. You can take 1 player, manager and celebrity for a drink in a beer garden. Who are you drinking with?

Tom – Cristiano Ronaldo, he was my hero growing up.

Sir Alex. Say no more.

Chris Harris (now top gear presenter). I’ve been following Chris for years and I think we could just spend hours just chatting shite about cars.

Rey – Aubameyang, Ancelotti and The Rock

Sam – Manager – Jurgen Klopp 

Player – James Maddison 

Celebrity – if we’re talking past or present although not strictly a celebrity I would of loved to pick Steve Jobs brains on all things business & life

Demps – I’d go for Sean Dyche, Jesse Lingard and on the Top Gear theme I’d add Freddie Flintoff to the party. 

  1. And finally and most importantly, which biscuits, crisps and chocolate bar are you ordering for yourself?

Tom – As the self proclaimed king of biscuits and crisps (joking):

Custard cream and salt and vinegar McCoys.

I like my chocolate plain, caramel and nuts and all that bullshit doesn’t appeal to me. So I’ll have a Wispa.

Rey – Oreo Cookies, Kettle Chips (original), Wispa

Sam – chocolate bar would be a double decker 

Biscuit – chocolate hob knobs

Crisps- McCoy’s salt and vinegar 

Beer- beaver town neck oil (on tap !)

Demps – Crunch Creams are a vastly underrated biscuit and not spoken about often enough. I know McCoys Salt and Vinegar are popular in the Sky FF community, but I’m going for Spicy Tomato Wheat Crunchies as a differential punt. For chocolate bar I’d go for good old Mars bar although a Caramac would appeal in the right environment.

For those of you that have read this far, hopefully you’ve had fun reading and make sure you give the guys above a follow.

Enjoy the rest of the international break and good luck in whatever games you’re playing this season.

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