Late-Season Boost Strategy

Hello Gaffr players! The last 3 gameweeks have been fun haven’t they? Boosts flying everywhere and points galore (for some)! After a brief update on my conquest to win Gaffr, I’ll provide a few thoughts on boost strategy. Over the international break, I plan to write again about players to target for the final weeks with a particular focus on Bournemouth, Swansea and Rotherham assets. 

My Progress

Since my first blog ahead of GW35, my lead has increased from 34pts to 53pts, mostly thanks to a dream of a gameweek in GW36 where Hourihane & Heilik hauls combined with a jammy Fosu 9pter off the bench gave me 97pts. That followed a successful Jeepers Keepers boost on Seny Dieng and Robert Stockdale in DGW35 and was succeeded by a disappointing Away Days boost in GW37. It was frustrating yet funny to see confirmation of vs Sheffield Wednesday vs Swansea being rearranged for GW41 the morning after the GW37 deadline, after lots of agonising over whether to save Away Days for the potential two Swansea away games that week! Thankfully, Rune Risanger in second place also played Away Days in GW37 and only cut my lead by 3pts, so I’ve gotten away with it and feel very close to victory now!

But that’s enough about me. Here are some thoughts on boost strategy as we approach the end of a thrilling Championship season.


A lot of people have probably used Jeepers Keepers and Away Days by now. They are by far the two best boosts. But if you do still have either left, here are my thoughts on the best weeks to play them.

Jeepers Keepers: GW41, GW44 or GW45

These are of course the three remaining double gameweeks that we know of. I am a firm believer that you should target saves over clean sheets with this boost, so it favours a bad defence like Rotherham. They play Barnsley and Brentford in GW44, which I think is slightly better than Blackburn and Luton in GW45. The only issue is Jamal Blackman replaced Viktor Johannsen between the sticks last match, so it is hard to say who is likely to start at this point and there’ll need to be some clarity in the coming games. The other doubling keepers are David Raya of Brentford in GW44 and Simon Sluga of Luton in GW45. The latter is expensive and unappealing. The former also costs a lot but does average 2.3 saves per game and has a game against a Bournemouth side who are back in the goals and in the midst of a playoff fight. So he could be viable. There’s no doubt though that these weeks have significant risks.

That leaves GW41, the safest in my opinion. Lots will own QPR’s Seny Dieng already, who doubles against Sheffield Wednesday and Rotherham. The fixtures could hardly be better though saves could be few and far between. My second pick would be Ryan Schofield of Huddersfield who has 53 saves from 21 starts this season and plays Rotherham and Bournemouth. His goal could get peppered by the Cherries which could lead to plenty of saves.

Away Days: GW39 or GW41

I would only consider GW39 is you still have Jeepers Keepers as well and wanted to play that in GW41. Standout teams Brentford (Hud), Norwich (Pre) and Swansea (Bir) all have great away fixtures with Reading (Bar) and Blackburn (Wyc) also away.

GW41 stands out for the Swansea double of away fixtures against Millwall and Sheffield Wednesday. Treble up and you could have 14 away matches. The fixtures for Brentford (Pre) and Norwich (Der) are decent too. No-brainer. As mentioned earlier I’ll give my thoughts on Swansea assets over the International Break.

Caption: GW41 (plus Sheffield Wednesday vs Swansea)

What about boost no. 3?

Avoid: Last Ditch

Don’t touch it. Most of us have 5 strong defenders and on a bad week losing points by playing the boost is not out of the question!

Best Upside: Goalfest

The only other boost that could gain you 30pts if you time it well. The best weeks to play this are GW41 and GW44. In the former there are more assets to choose from with QPR, Swansea and Bournemouth all doubling and having some decent options. In GW44, it’s all about a Toney masterclass against Bournemouth and Rotherham. The damage he did in previous double gameweeks was devastating. The main problem with this boost is it could easily fail on a bad week, so I would avoid playing it in a single gameweek at all costs.

Safe Bets: Overhaul, Super Subs

If you are concerned about a Goalfest flop and want the guarantee of 10-20pts, you could consider one of these depending on your team’s setup. Super subs might be useful in GW41 if you have any cheap QPR & Rotherham players knocking about or another week if your bench is just strong anyway.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and I wish you all the best for GW38!

FPL Joel

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