GW28 review and BGW29 preview:

A seventh red arrow in eight (from 17.5k to 18.3k)ultimately hinged on one decision – getting my goalkeeper rotation wrong… again!

After losing out on seven points opting to play Nick Pope over Illan Meslier in 28, I decided to repeat the trick, this time costing me another nine points as a Meslier (11pts) supershow against Chelsea put me on the backfoot from the first match of the gameweek.

It’s these 50/50 calls that can define a season, I can’t really beat myself up too much though as the logic was there. I can’t wait to go back to just one set-and-forget stopper on wildcard.

Forty-eight points scored was average in a nothing week really, the legend that is John Stones (12pts), Ruben Dias (6pts) and Dominic Calvert-Lewin (6pts) were my only returns going into Monday night’s game, so Andy Robertson’s clean sheet (6pts) at Wolves was very welcome.

Harry Kane flopped as captain, but it didn’t really hurt much as the other popular options did as well. Heung-Min Son’s early injury summed up my luck lately, I’m just glad the man I brought him in for, Bruno Fernandes, blanked!

BW29 preview:

Like most, I’m not expecting much from the four fixtures this weekend, and don’t feel the urge to take any hits with my team looking in good shape for 30 and a 31 wildcard. I have eight players for the blank, including Son and Patrick Bamford, and have most bases covered.

Lewis Dunk will be my transfer in for Robertson to hopefully make nine, Brighton’s defence will be sought-after at home to Newcastle, so coverage is important.

The only other decision was to buy Patrick Aubameyang or Gareth Bale for Salah for a hit, but I will most likely go back to Bruno in 30 so would like to see Son’s status ahead of that gameweek to know who to bring him in for. Michail Antonio for Calvert-Lewin was also a consideration, although DCL’s upcoming fixture with Palace makes him a hold in my eyes. Kane will be my skipper. Good luck all!

Team reveal:

Coufal Konsa Dunk
Son Lookman Raphinha
Kane (c) Bamford

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