RQ – GW28 Review & BGW29 Thoughts

It feels like I have been plateauing for the last few weeks. With an 80% template rating, this was to be expected at some point of the season. 

Another pretty “grey” week for me with 44 point which dropped me from 74.7k to 84.9k. With the stoppage time equaliser from NEW against AVL, it felt like “one of those” gameweeks – unfortunately that misfortune summed up the week for me.

That is four captain blanks in a row for me. Should that fortune not turn soon, my rank will start to dramatically plummet. With the doubts of Son and Bamford for the BGW, some serious thoughts will need to be considered, which will likely include a hit (-4). 

My Salah loyalty is being extremely stretched with 5 x blanks in succession. Despite this, I am so blinded by his haul potential that I will likely get him back in when I WC in GW31. 

With De Bruyne also back and firing again, the potential in bringing him for the WC is very appealing as well – likely meaning 1 x DEF & 2 x MID for MCI.

Overall Rank

BGW29 Thoughts, Transfers, Captain & Team Reveal

The previous weeks has been all about eventually having enough assets for BGW29. I always had an aim at least 9 players with no more than one hit (-4).

With the update that Bamford should be available (I have mentally conceded Son being injured), I have 9 players with 2 x FT.

I will likely make 3 transfers to cover the Son absence and have a team of XI for the BGW.

With the likelihood of wildcarding in GW31, I can be a little creative with the transfers.

Here are my current thoughts:

  • Cresswell for Stones
  • Bale for Salah
  • Tierney for Dias

Kane is the only captain I am considering and will have huge EO going into the gameweek.

Of course this is subject to change but for confirmation, checkout my twitter rey_quraishi for my finalised line-up.

For those who do follow me, you would know that I have advocated BGW29 preparation for weeks, thus enjoy the caption below!

Good Luck on your gameweeks and please leave your thoughts and comments.

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