Is It Possible To Play To Much Fantasy Football?

Is it possible to play too much fantasy football?

The creation of an FPL draft team a few weeks ago – entered into the Planet FPL patreon league – became my 13th fantasy football team assembled this season. If it is lucky number 13 remains to be seen. It’s not looking that way after three defeats in four, but I did beat Rob Pick the other day to record my first win. Sorry Rob. 

It’s not just me – that’s a lot of teams to maintain isn’t it? It got me thinking – is having multiple teams across multiple games ultimately lessoning my chances of doing well in all/any of them? And if it does, do I necessarily care – it’s about the enjoyment more than anything right?

While there is a lot of crossover between the various games I’m invested in, each does have its differences of course – be it the scoring system, competitions covered or transfers available.

At the time of writing, I’m entered into the following:

  • FPL 
  • FPL Draft x2 teams
  • SkyFF x 3 teams
  • Telegraph FF x 4 (3 very casual)
  • Sun Dream Team
  • Gaffr
  • ChampManFPL

Throw in a Goalscorer Challenge account, and ChampManFPL Goalscorer challenge – run in the PlanetFPL slack by the super talented FPLKaptain – and suddenly it reads like a full-time job not forgetting to update each format every game week. 

The truth is I love it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Of course, there are teams I’m more bothered about than others. FPL for one is a game I’ve been playing for more than 15 years. You can’t beat taking down your mates in mini-leagues, along with friends of friends you’ve never met in other leagues – and if you’ve taken cash off them at the end of the season, even better!

This season is the first time I’ve ever played SkyFF, and I’ve got to say I’m really enjoying it. I’m not a massive planner, or have the time or inclination to study all the potential game days coming down the tracks, so I’m unlikely to ever trouble the £50k prize pot. I’d be happy with a top 250 finish as a debutant though, and sitting at 372nd I’m not a million miles away from achieving that. Fingers crossed. 

When playing multiple games, it can be easy to think about making the same move in each of your teams, based on form and fixtures. It can however also be a trapdoor to failure. Each game has its own intricacies after all. You wouldn’t dream of transferring in Hojbjerg or Rodri into your FPL ranks would you, but in SkyFF they have an uncanny knack of picking up passing/tackle points. It takes a bit of getting used to, but if in doubt listen to a few pods by the FFHub boys and PlanetFPL and copy some of their thinking – they really know their stuff.

If you want to have a run at the big prizes, it’s probably best to stick to one or two formats and go all in on them, rather than spreading your thinking across multiple games. The exception to this idea is if you don’t have a full-time job (unless it’s as a fantasy football content creator), a partner or children!

So why do so many of us enter so many teams? It’s an element of fear of missing out (FOMO) for me. Plus, I can enjoy listening to a lot of pods and not have to skip through any segments on the Man On pod for one!

Anything new and shiny (which makes me think back to Panini Stickers, with got, got, got, need and all that), can also hook you in – especially when you see others your respect in the fantasy football community getting involved. Gaffr is a case in point. It launched at a time when for some reason I wasn’t drafting any other teams and I saw others get on board and thought why not? I threw a team in without much thought (Troy Parrott led the line for me in GW1 and Rooney was captain!) and I didn’t expect to be that bothered by it. I fully anticipated it becoming a dead team before too long. It was about 4/5 weeks into the season I saw FPLThomas and Dronuk – of this website’s fame – had created a Gaffr Twitter group and I ended up getting involved. It was a fantastic decision, and really helped me get back into enjoying the Championship again, without actually watching many of the games at all. There are some great minds in there, and a few Jeff Stelling wannabes (you know who you are, ha ha). From being ranked nearly 2,000+ in GW3 I rose up the league and have thankfully been in the top 100 since GW23- peaking at 23rd, where I currently sit. 

I’ve not even mentioned ChampMan FPL much up until this point, which is criminal. What a game that is – I just love the nostalgia. It takes me back to skipping lectures at uni to play ‘one more game’ of CM01/02 back in the day. I’m showing my age here. If it wasn’t for ChampMan FPL I would never have joined FPL Twitter as it’s badged, or even knew it existed. I stumbled on the game after it launched in season 1 after reading about it on BBC Sport last April. It was hands down one of the best finds you can ever wish for as a football fan, especially during the last year we’ve all had with lockdown after lockdown. I remember anxiously waiting to see if I’d been accepted in as a late joiner and when that sheet landed in my DMs from James Elapren I had a big smile on my face. From there, I discovered PlanetFPL, the FFHub, the Wolfpack, the FPL Wire lads, the Season Keepers, and Man On FPL pod of course. Hours have been lost listening to pods and watching streams, and I’ve loved every minute. 

I’ve digressed a bit from my original question here haven’t I. Well, if you asked me now if I’ll be entering as many teams next year, I’ll probably say no not quite as many. I’d seriously love to have the option to make a ChampManFPL season 3 team though – nudge, nudge, wink, wink team ChampMan. I will knock a few on the head – Sun Dream Team probably being one. The fact you can have as many players as you want from one club let’s that game down for me. 

If you’re interested (and I’m pleasantly surprised if you’ve read this far), my favourite games right now are:

  1. ChampMan FPL (OR 318) – Vidjuka, rep12 carnage, Mode, Irons and Kaptain doing their thing on the stream – what’s not to love?
  2. FPL (OR 255k) – tried and tested classic game.
  3. Gaffr (OR 23) – a growing community and the boosts are exceptional!
  4. SkyFF (OR 372) – I’ll probably get into this even more next season when hopefully they’ll be less gamedays when life returns to something like ‘normal’. If they canned the dodgy MOTM points too that would help 
  5. FPL Draft – the actual drafting is the best part
  6. TelegraphFF (OR 1373) – I’m a bit take it or leave it at the moment
  7. Sun Dream Team (OR 4192) – a bit meh 

So, circling back to the top – can you play too much fantasy football? I’d say probably yes, if you want to go all in and be one of the best at one or two games. Will I be changing how I play (give or take a few games)? There is probably more chance of Gareth Southgate not picking four right backs in his squad. I may have a rest over the summer and swerve fantasy football on the Euros, but never say never…

Thanks for reading. Ronarid9 

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