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A decent game week rank, a sizable green arrow and, yet, a strangely dissatisfied feeling at the end of it all. 

Looking at the scores first of all it is clear that I had a good week in the most obvious way. I scored well above the average. A captain blank (if you don’t count a clean sheet point) from Bruno was ameliorated by great returns from Cancelo, Vardy and my supersub Dunk. None of whom I was feeling particularly excited about owning going into this week.

If nothing else, it really shows that a good option, brought in for the right reasons, can pay dividends right up to the point you finally become sick of them. Patience can be a virtue.

Just 1 point from double game week hero Digne. Some people think he’s an expensive luxury. I can’t agree. We don’t have major cash issues and there’s more fixtures to come. Dias got another clean sheet, but Martinez only managed 3 points. JWP, another recent hero, failed but he’s got plenty of credit in the bank for me. 

Now comes the bad stuff. Son and Bamford not only blanked, but also went off injured. They were the corner stones of my strategy to survive game week 29. A week with only eight teams running out. A week in which I thought I would have nine players. Now I have Son and Bamford flagged, plus Grealish who is now ‘ill’ as well as injured. I’m so annoyed about Dean Smith’s lack of candour. I am really quite pleased the wheels have come off a bit for him. I guess, however, that I want them to do better soon. My fantasy strategy is going to be heavy on Villa for the rest of the season, given the additional fixtures.

So, I’m left in the seemingly enviable position of having climbed into the top 70, with the distinctly unenviable position of having only four unflagged players for next week, with no free hit… and two of the four are goalkeepers. So I need a couple of miraculous recoveries from injury, two or three very successful transfer picks and a captain haul if I am to avoid a catastrophic GW29.

My initial thought is to bring in Kane, Watkins and Raphinha and to captain Kane. I don’t want to throw too many points at the week, to be honest. Roll out 6 or 7 players and hope for the best.

But I’m definitely not making any transfers before Friday. Further injury news could change my plans. But there’s very little chance that I will be reporting on anything but a bad week next week.

Good luck to the rest of you.

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