RQ – GW27 Review & GW28 Thoughts

Gameweek 27 Review

It was a GW of escapes in 27 for myself. Going into the final game of the week (MCI vs SOU), I was on a 10k green. However, very quickly and painfully, I saw my rank drop with every city return and Dias subsequently blanking. 

My final score was 68 points which dropped me from 67.9k to 74.7k. With my punishment being quite minimal in context, I will stop the maverick captain picks going forward and advocate a bit more for template options.

With my Salah (TC) pick the previous GW, and now the Dias captain blank, I will play more logically rather than emotionally. 

Overall Rank

GW28 Thoughts, Transfers, Captain & Team Reveal

After my risky captain pick in Dias last week, I will go a little more logical this week and pick one from Bruno or Kane.

With the form of the latter, I am leaning more towards Kane, especially with his excellent record against Arsenal. This is also coupled with the recently more offensive play that Spurs have been expressing with the forward 3 of Son, Bale and Kane. 

For the last few weeks, I have been planning accordingly for BGW29 and am set to have 11 players available (without taking a hit). With 2 x FT going into GW28, I will be making just the one move in bringing in Veltman for Lowton.

I will then use the rolling transfer to likely bring in Bale and Cresswell. But, as we know, plans always change in FPL.

The only selection headache this week of note, which seems the same two assets every week, is Bamford or Raphinha.

My inkling is always to lean for the striker and despite his poor finishing previously, I expect Bamford to have a good chance against a solid Chelsea defence.

Please checkout my twitter rey_quraishi for my finalised lineup.

Good Luck on your gameweeks and please leave your thoughts and comments.

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