FPL – Captain Fail but Saved by a Saint!

Well it hasn’t been a wonderful week but I can’t really complain. We make our decisions on City players, knowing full well what the risk is. However, it is darned annoying to captain a player that plays once in a double and plays very badly in that one. Cancelo was my pick and a terrible return it was from him.

The thing is, the week started very well. I had James Ward-Prowse scoring (and then scoring in the City game too, which was a bonus). Martinez kept yet another clean sheet and by that time I was getting quite excited that I could climb into the top 50k this week. 

But then it all turned sour.

Even the Martinez clean sheet was overshadowed slightly when sub goalie Areola pipped his seven points with an impressive eight against a woeful Liverpool. Bruno got a 10-pointer but even that was a little bitter-sweet; knowing that he would have been highly captained and my captain was having such a stinker that I feared (rightly) that he would be rested the next game.

Spurs then went wild and I only had Son to try and cover the huge Kane haul. 

Monday didn’t give me any better news. Digne got no points, DCL failed again. Bamford failed again. Of course, I was more bothered that Leeds lost and, to be honest, West Ham were very professional.

Then the City/Saints double and KdB, Foden, Gundo and Mahrez all returned hauls. As did JWP! Ward-Prowse almost single-handedly meant that I achieved an average 60 points and I wish I had gone for the safety of the captain I knew would play twice.

JWP’s heroics were not enough to prevent a red arrow but he’s limited the damage and I’m still just inside the top 100k.

So what do I do now? I feel Cancelo will play and I can’t really ditch City assets against Fulham even though the Cottagers are vastly improved. I am increasingly furious about the Grealish injury news not coming from the Villa camp but I want him for their double so I’m going to just have to keep him sat on the bench.

I’m starting to really feel Vardy and DCL are not the idea strikers but I can’t bin Vardy ahead of Sheff Utd and DCL is another I’m holding for doubles.

It feels like a week to hold and save a transfer so I can have two for the blank. Hopefully, I can get a full team out and make a small move.

Good luck to everyone.

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