GW27 – Ben’s SkyFF Weekly Preview


Welcome everyone to another of my SkyFF weekly reviews! Yet another disappointing week for most, including myself who, despite owning and captaining the star of the gameweek, dropped down to rank #1921, which is my 3rd rank drop in a row. However, I’m still confident I can make the top 1k due to my 13 remaining transfers (which is 2.7 more than the average within the top 1k). Anyway, on to my review and GW26 before moving on to look ahead to gameweek 27! 

Review of Gameweek 26

Saturday 6th March

If you read my blog last week, you’d know that I captained Saka on Saturday, with the hopes of seeing a “potentially season defining moment”. Well, I can report that Saka’s performance on Saturday proved to be just that, with him netting me an impressive 2 points from a captaincy, thanks to a yellow card. This was a massive hit for me with the highly owned players of the day, Vestergaard and Martinez, both coming away with clean sheets and so, to be honest, the sooner we move away from talking about Saturday, the better.

Sunday 7th March

Sunday looked likely to continue my downward trend in the gameweek starting off with Salah blanking against Fulham and the Manchester City defenders losing their clean sheets within 2 minutes, albeit to a Bruno pen which got me 6 points. However, come 19:15, a truly beautiful game of football started as Harry Kane put 2 goals past Crystal palace. These goals, combined with an assist, shots T1 and MOTM, meant that Kane came away with 23 points from that game, 46 for those like me who were smart/lucky enough to make him our captain. Could this be the saving grace of my gameweek and a sign of things to come?

Monday 8th March

Monday’s games gave me a resounding no to that question with my only player, Calvert-Lewin, blanking against Chelsea. Whilst I had expected this, it still was a disappointment which saw me drop ranks, no doubt to those who captained either Azpilicueta or Lingard, two players who are in great form and will both be making their way into my team in the coming weeks.

Wednesday 10th March

The final day of the gameweek was a single gameday which saw one of the most exciting games of football in recent weeks, with Manchester City beating Southampton 5-2. However, despite the high scoreline and an enjoyable match, this game threw even more fuel into the fire that is my terrible gameweek as I came away with only 19 points from my 5 players. Whilst I own Gundogan who scored one of City’s goals, I put the captaincy on Dias expecting a clean sheet which never came, meaning I missed out on what would have been a 22-point captaincy from Gundogan. Mahrez scored another brace, making this game his 3rd double-digit points haul in 6 games (could be an interesting differential?) however, the real standout player of the game in terms of fantasy football, was Kevin De Bruyne. KDB returned an impressive 17 points, having scored 2 goals and getting shots T2, which will no doubt have a massive impact on SkyFF, with many managers, including myself, rushing to come up with some sort of plan to bring KDB in to our teams. Whilst I’ve got a plan that I’m happy to carry out to bring KDB into my team, I think I’ll wait and see how he performs over the next game or 2 before pulling the trigger, let’s hope I don’t regret it! 

Gameweek 27

Friday 12th March

Now, on to GW27, which starts off with another single gameday between Newcastle and Aston Villa. I currently don’t have any players in this game but, due to how poorly GW26 went, I’m planning on bringing a player in to try and gain some ranks. My initial plan was to daisy chain Vestergaard -> Targett -> Dallas to cover both this single gameday and the Leeds gameday next week. However, as part of the KDB plan I mentioned earlier, and because I think it will be the most popular move, instead I will be doing Ederson -> Martinez, assuming he starts and I like the team Villa put out. 

Saturday 13th March

Saturday will be a frustrating day for people like me who don’t own Azpilicueta as I would definitely pick him as my captain if I owned him. However, as I don’t, I have to try a pick the 2nd best option, something which isn’t particularly easy on Saturday. Fulham v Manchester City seems to be the best fixture of the day, but as we can’t see the line-ups, I’m worried about Pep roulette. My other option is to captain Calvert-Lewin against Burnley, which normally would be a good shout, but Calvert-Lewin hasn’t looked convincing lately, so I’d be worried to pick him as my captain. In the end, I think I’ll go with a city player, probably either Dias or Gundogan because I think they’re the 2 most likely of my City players to start. Here’s hoping!

Sunday 14th March

Sunday is another tough captaincy choice for me, 5 of my team are playing, but 2 of them stand out from the rest, Harry Kane and Bruno Fernandes. Kane plays away in a London derby against Arsenal, a fixture he seems to love, having scored in the reverse fixture earlier in the season and both fixtures last season. Bruno Fernandes plays at home to another London team, Westham, a fixture which normally would be easy for Utd, but given Westham’s recent form, could be tough. Still though, I’d fancy Fernandes to pick up some sort of return and he will almost certainly be the most captained player of the day, so going against him could be risky. I love a good risk though and given Kane’s recent form and his history against Arsenal, I’m fairly certain he will be my captain on Sunday.

Monday 15th March

And once again we end the gameweek on a single gameday with Wolves hosting the champions Liverpool at the Molineux. I’ll keep this short and sweet because there isn’t much to say. Salah will be my captain and to be honest, I’d say he is the only good captaincy pick for the day, except for maybe Robertson or Jota who each are owned by less than 1% of the top 1k. Despite Liverpool’s poor form in the league as of late, I’m hoping the 2-0 win over Leipzig on Wednesday will give Salah the confidence to go forward and bag a goal or 2. That being said, if you don’t have a player for this single gameday, I’d say you are totally fine to skip it and, if for some strange reason Salah doesn’t start, I’ll be doing the same. 

Planned Transfers

12th – Ederson -> Martinez 

There we have it, another gameweek done! I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts and once again if anyone has any questions and want to send me a DM, I’ve started up a new Twitter account dedicated specifically to SkyFF (@BenSkyFF) so feel free to follow me there. Good luck for gameweek 27!

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