Beery’s ChampMan Wildcard Reveal

Somehow, I’ve managed to hold onto my wildcard chip until Gameweek 18 this season! here’s my preview of how I will be wildcarding into the Gameweek.

I played my free hit chip last week – ending on a solid 100 points. It was touch and go on Friday morning, with my 3 Bolton players combining for a massive 0 points… 

Robert Pires, Super Kev and Veron saved the day, getting me my first century of the season.

Anyway, lets start this team reveal!


Sullivan and Jӓӓskelӓinen

No changes here. I’m sticking with the two best 4.5 Gks. They’ve proven now that they are the best options for the price (by quite a big margin). They have 16 clean sheets between them and even when they do concede, they are usually good for save points. 


Silvestre, Unsworth, Hyypiӓ, McQuilken and Doherty

A lot of changes here. Looking at the chances for clean sheets over the next 4 weeks I think that these 5 are the best options. Hyypiӓ and Unsworth are both on penalties and I think that over the next few weeks they could be returning at both ends. Doherty is a no brainer for now as he carries on playing up top for Ipswich at 4.5m. McQuilken is a bit of a left field shout as he’s not a massively owned player, but I like him as a 5th defender pick with nice a fixture coming up this weekend (Derby H).


Pires, De Boer, Zepeda, Arca, I Taylor

Some familiar faces have stayed or re-joined my midfield. Pires was on fire in the DGW so i’m hoping he can carry on his form vs a dodgy Millwall defence. De Boer (or De Bowery if you’re FPL_Dronuk) has been playing out of position at times this season, with the fixtures coming up I fancy him to get a couple of returns, and he allows for me to move around some funds as he’s only 6m. Zepeda and Arca are the two North East boys in the midfield. Both are having great seasons, having reached double digits in goals and assists combined already. ‘Super-Hot’ Ian Taylor makes the bench. Scored last Gameweek, funny nickname, 4.5m. ‘Nuff said.

Sadly, there is no room right now for my favourite ChampMan player of the season, Petkov. However, I am looking to get him back in once his fixtures turn for the better. The P E T K O V  P A R T Y will resume at some point! 


Van Nistelrooy, Phillips, Savarese

Van Nistelrooy looks set for a 30-goal season. incredible stuff. 

He was the first name into my wildcard team, and I can’t see him leaving. He does have Chelsea this weekend but I still back him to get double digits. The man is on flames right now! If you aren’t getting him in then beware it will most likely come back to bite at some point (trust me I know).

Super, Super Kev! Phillips is in the form of his life right now – a hattrick last week and I expect him to keep it up vs an injury-stricken Villa side. The mighty Mackem will be up for it and I will be hoping he can keep on the coat tails of RVN and push each other for 30 goal seasons. 

Savarese isn’t a player I’ve ever thought about this season. But he’s currently the highest scoring sub 7m forward, and has some decent fixtures coming up. Id take a goal or two over the next 5 weeks.


A final word:

I’ve spent this season bobbing up and down around the 100th position mark on CMFPL. I hope that this wildcard team can fire me up to the top 50s soon!

If anyone has any questions, my DMs on Twitter are always open to chat about pretty much any fantasy game.

I think it’s fair to say that FantasyChampMan has been a breath of fresh air for many of us in the FPL Community this year – Thursdays nights have been made fun again! I recommend anyone who hasn’t really got involved this year to 100% check out one of the streams, make a team and see how you get on.  

I would thoroughly recommend checking out CM_Fantasy’s YouTube Channel, the official championship manager preview for the Gameweek and the ‘championship manager’ podcast by Craig Kemp as well as, of course, the weekly Man On Podcast. These are all great ways of getting some much-needed info on stats, suspensions, and injuries for the upcoming Gameweek.

If you’ve made it this far – good luck for the upcoming Gameweek.



2 Comments on “Beery’s ChampMan Wildcard Reveal

  1. Love it mate and really like the McQuilken pick.

    Top article, thoroughly enjoyed it


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