11.3 2021 Sky FF GW26 Review

Heading into the gameweek in 29th with 12 transfers remaining, how can a novice manager make gains with veterans of the game making all the right moves at the right time.

6.3.2021 – Despite having 3 players involved on Saturday, I didn’t really want to captain any of them. Vestergaard took the armband, favoured over Emi Martinez and the heavily criticised (in SkyFF circles anyway) Lewis Dunk.

The day began with Burnley and Arsenal playing out a 1-1 draw with very few managers jumping on Man of the Match Aubameyang. Not a bad result for non-owners.

A Saturday trip to the recycling centre followed (this is becoming a theme as we have so much stuff) with the Southampton vs Sheffield United game on the radio. By this point a Vestergaard clean sheet was looking a safe bet but captaincy returns were limited somewhat by a booking and no passing tiers so a 12 point captain in the end, not a disaster based on the previous week’s games.

Martinez followed up with a 9 pointer (which looked like being more at one point) with Dunk doing the typical Brighton thing of turning a potential haul into a 1 point return. He must do better vs Newcastle in a few weeks.

7.3.2021 – Sunday as it turns out was probably one of the biggest examples of where missing out on the plum captaincy option can ruin your season. Luckily I was on the right end of this on and went with Kane, proving it’s better to get on the right player a week too late than not at all, with a 46 point captaincy haul impressive. With United beating City 2-0 in the derby, City assets offered little in the way of points with Bruno Fernandes scoring an inevitable Penalty. Whilst City players at least hit tiers, Salah offered little with Liverpool losing 1-0 to Fulham at fortress Anfield.

8.3.2021 – Looking at Monday’s games I felt it was time to make some moves. My remaining 12 transfers quickly became 9 with Vestergaard, Cancelo and Rodri becoming Azpiliqueta, Raphinha and Antonio. Bold moves and left me with a low transfer count overall but sets me up nicely for the coming weeks. My thinking on this, even with no fixture gain as such I felt Cancelo and Rodri would only play 1 of the 2 City games before the blank and didn’t feel confident of a Vestergaard haul vs City.

Early returns were good with an Azpi clean sheet and tier 2 passes, with DCL (my reluctant hold) unable to offer much. With West Ham dominating the later game despite Leeds throwing the kitchen sink in the first 15 minutes, no return for Raphinha and captain Antonio made for a slightly disappointing night.

9.3.2021 – Monday’s transfers were somewhat vindicated with Rodri and Cancelo unsurprisingly left out of the lineup for City. This left me with a choice of Gundogan and Dias with the safety of the defender too logical to pass up. This turned out to be the wrong price with JWP wiping (won by Vestergaard) out City’s clean sheet from the spot before Gundogan scoring at the other end (before hitting passing tiers). Luckily for me, very few of the top 100 were on KDB, Mahrez or Foden so my ranking only dipped slightly, despite the 5-2 scoreline.

Summary – Where does that leave me. Ending the week in 21st sounds great in theory but with only 9 transfers left I’m not really any closer to the top 5 than before. With more experienced managers likely to have more transfers , I’d happily take a top 50 finish from here. On a positive note I now have 10 teams covered with all the March captaincy days and probably beyond so can probably hold onto those transfers for a few weeks (injuries permitting).

Plans for GW27

Firstly I’ll go on record as saying I don’t intend to use my transfers this week, while I’m sure many will. As such I’m prepared for some kind of a drop in rank.

With all captaincies covered, Emi Martinez is the only choice for Friday. Others may need to use a transfer to bring a Villa player in, and with Grealish injured, I’m happy with Emi as a long term hold.

Saturday is a little trickier. My 2 City players, Dias and Gundogan are prone to rotation so Azpiliqueta is my likely captain with the benefit of seeing the Chelsea lineups. Should Azpi miss out, I’d revert to DCL, who has a nice home fixture vs Burnley (hopefully in the number 9 role again). The only other option would be Raphinha, who I wouldn’t fancy against a robust Chelsea defense.

On Sunday I have 3 players involved, or is it 2 players + Lewis Dunk. Either way it’s a coin flip between Kane and Bruno Fernandes. It’s a tough call but I’m inclined to go with the form player in Kane, assuming he doesn’t play 90 minutes in the Europa League. With Bale coming to the fore, Spurs just look like the likelier of the 2 teams to score more right now and I’d argue West Ham are as good if not better than Arsenal at the back.

Monday sees Liverpool travel to Molineux to face Wolves with Mo Salah my only player involved. Whilst Klopp has been seen to rest players lately, I expect Salah to start and do well. I’d even be inclined to leave the armband on him if he is on the bench and roll with it.

For those of you that have got this far down, thanks for reading. Any transfer tips or feedback all helps. Good luck with GW27.


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