Triple Cap Success!

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Triple Cap success

Well this was a week that I decided to roll the dice. I’ve been treading water for ages and I knew that I didn’t have a free hit, bench boost or a wildcard. The only chip I had left, to counter those who had wildcarded into a 15-double DGW, was the Triple Cap chip. Most people who were using it would have gone with Kane, Salah or Bruno. 

I went with Digne.

The reason was mainly that Everton had the best pair of fixtures of the top sides. I also wanted to make a decision that would give me the opportunity to not just hold rank, but to gain, if I was proved right.

As it is, the main captaincy options really didn’t do an awful lot. Most bench boosts were not successful and I have really made a positive move up the leaderboard from outside the top 100k, up to 70,228th

This is much, much better than I really hoped for and I now feel that I have the opportunity to move towards the top 50k as a realistic final target. 

Ah. That word. Target.

There was a discussion on the Fantasy CM stream last night about the old ‘Top 10k’ target as being unrealistic as a regular aim with so many more clued up and interested managers in FPL these days.

This totemic target was in place years ago when the number of people sharing their thoughts was much, much smaller and the online community of players was limited to a few sites and channels. There’s no doubt in my mind that the explosion in social media and other sites (such as this one) devoted to fantasy football has made the target much more difficult. I believe that running with the hounds and making the ‘obvious’ moves would have led to a much higher finish 5 years ago than it would now.

Some of the old FPL ‘elite’ complain that ‘casuals’ are doing well and they seem to get slightly annoyed when having a bad season. But they (as now) usually do still climb the ranks and will be well into the top few % by the end of the season. Whether they get to this top 10k promised land is another thing. Many of the people who would formerly have been casual players now listen to two pods a week and read 10 articles. They won’t be beaten purely by making sure you are aware of the blank and double game weeks.

My own thought is that the game is there to enjoy. Set up a league against your friends or colleagues. Enjoy the community articles. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the points. But don’t set yourself an end goal in stone. Just do your best and see where this ends up. If you must have a goal in mind to keep you motivated, and some people do, then make sure you recalibrate it if you meet it or fall so far behind that it becomes unrealistic.

As I said in my previous blog, all I really care about it beating my brother. And I did that this week! 

So. On to next week. Now the big question I have in fantasy football is what to do with Bruno. He seems to have gone off the boil; Man Utd seem to have gone off the boil (though not to the extent Liverpool have); Man United play Man City next… and they have a blank coming up.

Given the nature of price changes in this game, I will be keeping Bruno in FPL. I will also be playing him. Some are moving him on, others are benching him but I don’t think it’s ever really sensible to bench a premium asset. If I were to move him on, I would have gone for Aubameyang. But I’m just not certain enough that Arsenal won’t be holding Aubs back for the European games to take that plunge.

My free transfer is going to be used to tinker around the edges in preparation for GW 29. Burnley have looked really poor lately and I’ve decided to move Ben Mee on for Lewis Dunk. Dunk has been unlucky not to really haul and he also has a plum match in 29. I will put him first on my bench this week.

It’s a tough captaincy call with the Champions League in the background. With the Premier League season pretty much over for Man City it is even less likely that their best players will play both games in the coming double than it was before.

Having said that, I suggest not picking a Man City player is overthinking. I have strongly considered backing James Ward Prowse but I will put the armband on Cancelo. He’s had a rest and he can play in multiple positions. I could see him playing full back against Man Utd and further forward against Southampton. 

I may change my mind if there’s any rumour about players being rested ahead of the deadline but it’s certain that my captaincy will be one of the DGW players. Specifically, if I see Pep has said my City players definitely WON’T play twice, I will move the captaincy on to the Southampton captain.

Good luck to everyone. See you next week.

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