RQ – DGW26 Review & GW27 Thoughts

Double Gameweek 26 Review

“Rey, your Triple Captain will blank, but you will still get a green and jump 10+k…”

If I were offered this at the beginning of the week, I would have bit your hand off. Fortunately, this was the case and I feel I have escaped with a green arrow this week. 

I ended up with 94(-4) which has taken me from 79.4k to 67.9k. With the Salah (TC) call falling on its face, I am delighted with that. 

Prior to the start of the GW, I was already set on TC Salah, thus the only real things to consider were:

  • Who to drop out of Bamford, Raphinha and Antonio

I would like to think I play more with logic than emotion, thus I decided to bench Antonio. However, the West Ham forward, on the eye-test at least, seems FDR proof. Therefore, I will be starting him for the next few weeks (before likely WC in 30 or 31).

Overall Rank

GW27 Thoughts, Transfers, Captain & Team Reveal

With the madness of the last GW now past us (BB & TC chips played at an abundance), I will be looking to consolidate my position rather than really attack with any differentials.

I am set to roll my transfer to eventually start bringing in cover for DGW29.

As they each have DGW games, the captaincy is out of Dias and Gundogan. I am leaning more towards Dias as I feel he is certain to play both games (MAN, SOU). Whilst with Gundogan, I could potentially see him on the bench against Southampton. 

However, with his heatmaps looking similar in the last GW’s (Since KDB has returned to the team), I see the potential of massive hauls for the German.

(Please checkout my piece on Gundogan here)

My only other headache is to choose who to bench out of Bamford and Raphinha. It is the classic “sword vs shield” scenario and whilst I see the potential upside of starting Raphinha, I am quite keen to just consolidate my GW. Thus, I will likely play Bamford this week.

Good Luck on your gameweeks and please leave your thoughts and comments.

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