GW26 – Ben’s SkyFF Weekly Preview


Welcome everyone to my 2nd SkyFF weekly review! This double gameweek has been disappointing  for most of us, including myself as I dropped down to rank #1635, so I will do my best to brush over  it quickly and move on to a (hopefully) more exciting gameweek 26! 

Review of Gameweek 25 (see last blog for 27th/28th fixtures) 

Monday 1st March 

As I’d said in my previous blog, I decided to transfer out Bamford and bring in Calvert-Lewin to be my  captain for this single gameday instead of Vestergaard. Unfortunately for me, had I stuck with my  original plan and gone with Vestergaard I would have come away with exactly the amount of points.  The game ended as a 1-0 Everton victory, with Richarlison scoring the winner, who is on a nice goal  streak and is worth keeping an eye on despite his steep price of £10.3m 

Tuesday 2nd March 

Tuesday saw the 2nd single game day of the week with Manchester City hosting Wolves in a game  that, despite the 4-1 scoreline, will have been frustrating for most SkyFF managers. Stones being  benched and City conceding a strange goal to Wolves captain Conor Coady meant that anyone  hoping for a haul from one of the city defenders will have been disappointed. Similarly on the other  end of the pitch, despite scoring 4 goals (one of which was an Wolves own goal), none of the ‘key’  City attackers came away with any points, with the goals being scored by Jesus (2) and Mahrez (1).  Unfortunately for me, I captained Cancelo, the lowest scoring of my city defenders (excluding  Ederson) however, with the points difference only being 1, I couldn’t complain too much. 

Wednesday 3rdMarch 

The week of disappointment continued on Wednesday with the highly captained Bruno Fernandes  blanking in a 0-0 draw between Crystal Palace and Manchester United.  

If you read my article last week then you’ll know that I had planned to transfer in either Targett or  Martinez on Wednesday with the Villa single gameday against Newcastle on the 12th in mind.  However, due to some last minute advice from @RhysSkyFF and a twitter poll I held on my own twitter @BenSkyFF , I decided to hold off on making the transfer to see if it would still be worth  doing down the line. For those that don’t know, Aston villa lost 1-0 on Wednesday to Sheffield  United, meaning that anyone who made the transfer I had planned missed out on what looked like a  certain clean sheet. Sorry to anyone who followed my decision! 

Thursday 4thMarch 

The final day of the gameweek was perhaps the most disappointing of all for most managers with  key players in each fixture all blanking. As I’d alluded to last week, I decided to captain Kane instead  of Salah or Calvert-Lewin. Although Kane did end up being the best choice of captain (he managed  T1 shots), the fact that all 3 of these players failed to score was very frustrating, here’s hoping they  deliver in GW26. 

It’s also worth noting that it was another Richarlison goal that won the game for Everton, adding  even more reasoning to keep an eye on him in the coming weeks. 

Gameweek 26 

Saturday 6th March 

Now on to the fun part! We are kicking off Gameweek 26 with what could be a season defining  moment for me as I’ll be making the (bold?) choice to captain Bukayo Saka in the early fixture of  Burnley vs Arsenal. As of the 5th March, Saka is only owned by 1.5% of the top 1k teams, meaning  that, if he performs well, I could see a massive rank gain. Apart from Saka, I can’t see any standout  captaincy options on Saturday with the other games being Sheffield v Southampton and Aston Villa v  Wolves. Vestergaard will probably be the most highly captained player with high chances of both a  clean sheet and potential attacking return however, due to Southampton’s recent form I wouldn’t be surprised if he got another 2 pointer.  

Sunday 7th March 

Saturday is also very interesting with most of the ‘premium’ assets playing. The day starts off with a  fairly unimportant fixture as far as fantasy is concerned (Westbrom v Newcastle) but is then  followed by Liverpool v Fulham, Man City v Man Utd and Tottenham v Crystal Palace. 

Captaincy will be a tough one to call as I feel like it is always dangerous not to back Bruno or a city  defender due to their ownerships. However, as the Manchester derby is the hardest fixture of the 3 I think I will be stuck with the same question as last week, Kane or Salah? Once again though, I think I fancy Kane over Salah because, despite a good performance against United this week, without Zaha,  palace has looked awful and, as much as it pains me to say it, so have Liverpool who have been  lacking goals recently.  

Monday 8th March 

Monday for me will likely be the quietest gameday of the week with Calvert-Lewin being my captain  and only player. I’m not confident he will return many points as Richarlison seems to be Everton’s  only goal scorer at the moment and Chelsea have been solid defensively, however, I expect him (or  maybe Bamford, who is out of form) to be the most captained player of the gameday and so I’m not  too worried about dropping ranks.

Wednesday 10th March 

Wednesday is the only single gameday this week with Manchester City hosting Southampton. Once  again, we are blessed to be able to see the line-ups before kick-off and so can avoid Pep roulette  when it comes to selecting our captains. The city defenders will no doubt be the most captained  players of the fixture and so I’ll be following the crowd and selecting one of them again. If he starts,  I’ll be picking Cancelo, as I wouldn’t be surprised if he managed to get some sort of attacking return  due to Southampton’s leaky backline which comes with their style of attacking football. If not, it’ll be  Dias or Ederson for me. 

Planned Transfers 

None for this week 

And that’s everything for this week, I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading my thoughts on Gameweek  26. If anyone has any questions and want to send me a DM and follow me (@BenSkyFF). Also, if you  would be interested in me including a photo of my team at the end of my article each week please  do let me know and I can start doing that. Good luck!

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