6 Reasons Why I’m Leading Gaffr

6 Reasons Why I’m Leading Gaffr

Gaffr is a brilliant game. Maybe I’m biased, but if you haven’t played this season, I cannot recommend it enough. The boost system alone should convince you. Take it from me, any worries about lack of Championship knowledge shouldn’t stop you. One of the reasons I signed up to the game in the first place was because I wanted to follow this fantastic league more closely.  I had no idea it would be possible for an Evertonian Championship noob like me to do so well. In this blog I’ll be sharing my story of the season so far, and 6 things that have helped me reach the top. Maybe next season it could be you!

My season so far

Thanks to a successful Park the Bus boost in GW2, I found myself in the top 20. I didn’t think much of it at the time as it was early days, but 3 green arrows and a Toney masterclass on Captain Fantastic later I found myself top. This was a big achievement in itself, to be leading a fantasy game even just for one week.

I then had a mini-slump and found myself 7th after GW10, and just hoped to stick around in the top 10. But I recovered and since GW12 I haven’t dropped outside the top 3. There have been ups and downs and big swings, but since December my self-belief has grown and now I know I can win this. As I write this ahead of GW35, I’m riding the crest of a wave. After GW30 I was 34pts off the leader, but I now find myself 38pts clear at the top (PUKKI PARTY!) after four incredible gameweeks. I may never get the chance to win a fantasy game again, so I’m determined to take this opportunity. 

Time to get to the 6 reasons!

  1. Research

In preseason, I looked up statistics from 2019/20 for every team to try and identify talismen, strong attacks and defences and likely lineups. Championship Express put out some fantastic preseason pods to guide us towards the best potential assets. For information on specific players/teams, I have been able to talk to fans who have great insight from watching their teams week in, week out. I am unable to access most matches and have only seen 2 or 3 live games, so I have relied heavily on highlights to give me the eye-test, even though some clips can be barely a couple of minutes!

  1. Clear strategy

When I looked at the scoring, I quickly identified a key difference to FPL: half clean-sheets for goalkeepers and defenders.With 5pts for a goal for all positions, and no extra clean sheet point midfielders, I concluded that defenders would be stronger and midfielders would be weaker in this game. Even if they conceded, good defenders often had a floor of 4pts. I resolved to play 4-3-3 or 5-2-3 every week, hoping the small gains made would mount up over the season. These are impossible to quantify as I had cheap 4th and 5th midfielders as a result of the strategy, but I’m certain it has paid off.

  1. Ahead of the curve

I can pinpoint a couple of moments where I was able to steal a march on most of the field. For example, I had Toney in from the start. I knew he had been a goal-scoring machine for Peterborough and was guessing he’d be the main man. So when he started scoring in GW3, I reaped the rewards and was able to give him the armband just as others were starting to bring him in. I also brought in Solanke in GW10, a few gameweeks before he became a template pick.

  1. Successful boosts

You really have to nail these to have a chance of winning as the potential gains are huge. Make sure you start thinking about strategy when you get each set of three, but be flexible because fluctuating form and postponements lead to things changing very quickly! Highlights for me were Multi-Captain in GW14 and a huge Park the Bus in GW16 where my defenders got me 39 extra points. The only mistake I made was using my second Captain Fantastic too early in GW23, gaining 18 points from Solanke and Adam Smith in Bournemouth’s double gameweek. Not a bad return, but I did miss out on boosting Toney’s gigantic 30 and 36pt hauls in GW27 & 28, when my main rival overtook me with his Goalfest.

  1. Mindset

When I regained first place in GW23, I started playing defensively to try and protect my lead, bringing in players my rivals owned out of fear and being ultra-safe. It wasn’t long before my lead had evaporated and I realised I had made a big mistake. I made a conscious change which started with back-to-back hits to buy Roberts and Pukki, which were vital in my rise back to the top. I’ve learnt to play my own game and not try to be clever, until the last couple of gameweeks at least! 

  1. Lots of luck!

Skill in fantasy football can only take you so far. To win, you need lots of things to go your way! I am under no illusions, I have been lucky at times and need to continue to be lucky to win the game. I’ve had Aarons and Roberts goals on Park the Bus, and some  jammy points off the bench. My bad decisions, like owning Lolley and Zinckernagel, haven’t cost me too much. Can’t say I’m complaining though! 

Whether this season ends in glory or disappointment, it’ll be an amazing journey and I’m excited for the run-in and particularly this last set of boosts. I’m so grateful for all the support and encouragement the Gaffr community has given me too, you’re all amazing!

My first boost is about to be activated for DGW35. Time to strap in for the ride! 

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