27.2.2021 GW25 Sky FF (part 1)

27/2/2021 – Pep roulette strikes. To be fair I had it coming. Starting the gameweek in 21st, and hope of improving was already looking bleak.

With 6 City players, it was always going to happen but 3 at once hurts (Cancelo, Sterling and Rodri the unlucky men). Well at least we got to see the lineups. Hoping to punt on Sterling as captain given his record against West Ham, his benching left me to go with the safe choice of Dias. Things started amazingly with the big defender giving City the lead. Visions of a huge haul were quashed with Antonio proving he can score against anyone to wipe out Dias and Ederson’s clean sheet. Things only got worse from here with Stones firing in to the winner to give city victory, and whilst many own him, unfortunately I don’t. Well at least Dias earned the man of the match and tier 2 passing so I cant complain.
Later in the day and with only 2 more players left it was more about damage limitation and hoping for the best. Lewis Dunk tried but with an early clean sheet wiped out and a goal disallowed it wasn’t to be. Bamford fared no better as Leeds struggled in defeat against Villa with Emi Martinez rewarding owners. Well at least this time Dallas didn’t do much to hurt me.Somehow I woke up on Sunday morning with no change in rank (or hangover). Still 21st somehow.

28/2/2021 – Resisting the urge to use a transfer was lucky in some way, however, keeping hold of Sterling and ignoring Kane was costly, and could have been a lot worse given Spurs demolition of a hapless Burnley outfit. Listening to this on the radio made a routine trip to the recycling centre a painful visit. 
The lack of moves also meant Salah or Bruno were the captain choices. I opted for Salah, which made no difference as both could only muster 2 points. 
Knowing many brought in Harvey Barnes I can’t complain although a rank slip to 37th is frustrating, not losing 2 transfers to buy and later sell Barnes is a stroke of luck for me.

1/3/2021 – Onto Monday and the promise of an open game between Everton and Southampton was exciting. Unfortunately the players didn’t get the memo despite Richarlison’s tidy finish early on. Unfortunately I moved Bamford on for the wrong striker (transfer executed whilst bathing the kids) with DCL offering plenty in the way of effort but very little threat. Infact my other player in that game Vestagaard came close bit Pickford cruelly denied him. 
This gameweek really hasn’t helped my bid for a PS5. Rank is currently at 36 (the same points total as @cleanwipeoutFPL of the Season Keepers podcast) with more updates (and possibly transfers) to follow before the weekend.

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