Dream Team Beginners Guide!

I’ve put together a quick guide to any newcomers looking to get involved in Dreamteam in the near future, fingers crossed a few of you will take this opportunity and start to play the game rather than that FPL dross that’s out there 😉 – everybody’s just stopped reading haven’t they…no seriously what’s not to like about a 75k prize. 

Ok, so before we get started let me just introduce myself and speak a little about my history in the game, I can be found on twitter @flowerpotman4, I’m neither Bill or Ben btw, I’ve been playing the game for over 20 years, I remember when you actually had to phone your teams in over the phone, I think I used to do it at my mates house and use his phone bill as my mum would have killed me !!, it started with local mini leagues which then progressed to any league I could enter basically and fancying my chances, I then went on a platform called fiso and contested against some the best players in the country, it soon became apparent that I was actually quite good at this game and ended up winning numerous competitions on that platform, I’ve had plenty of great finishes in the main game in which last year was the highlight with me finishing 17th in the country…the season before I was top 200 and again this season I’ll be looking to push for a top 100 finish with me currently in the top 1k. Last years winnings of over 4K from mini leagues also helps and keeps the wife off your back when your trying to negotiate watching Monday night football with her ha ha…

So where to start and what’s the basics you might ask ?, the game is 11 players only (no subs), there is no maximum rule on the amount of players you can have from 1 club, so in theory you can have the back 5 from Man City, that’s a strategy I have used this year to make great gains, you score points from all competitions unlike SKY and FPL, including the domestic cups and the European competitions too, you are allocated 5 transfers per month with a weekly deadline at 7am on a Friday, this is then locked out to allow for the weekly price changes to take place, the scoring system and points will be awarded as follows:

Scoring category            Points

All Players (GK, DEF, MID, ST) 

Goal Scored (excluding own goals)        +5 points
Hat-trick (3 or more goals)        +5 points
Assist             +2 points
Who Scored Star Man +5 points
Who Scored 7+ Player Rating   +3 points
Yellow Card     -1 points
Red Card           -3 points
Penalty Saved or Missed           -3 points
Defenders & Goalkeepers Clean Sheet (no goals conceded)     +5 points
Two Goals Conceded           -1 points
Each Goal Conceded Over Two Goals   -1 points
Goalkeeper Penalty Save or Miss          +3 points

A strategy that most players use is to start with non European players and attempt to build your budget up which will become important as the season goes on, One of the main things you may notice in the scoring above is that there are no passing or tackle bonuses, this in effect means players like Rodri,Kante and Hojbjerg just aren’t really options in this game unfortunately, well not for me anyway !! 

The players are priced up at the beginning of the season like most formats with the potentially higher scoring players taking a big chunk out of your budget, the key to this is finding them little gems which may have gone under the radar…all other rules and guidelines are on there websites for clarity etc.

Ok so that really is the basics, it’s a game that doesn’t really require managing day to day but needs close attention when the weekly deadline is approaching, 

If just 1 person has found this informative then I’ve done my job, let’s hope we’ll see a big influx of players from FPL trying out Dreamteam game as has been the case with SKY over the past few years, the Dreamteam community is growing all the time on twitter and hopefully it’ll be bigger and better next year.

Thanks for the offer MAN ON and I hope the above helps.

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