Steves’ Adventures in the Past!

Before we get into my travels back in time, which I look forward to you joining me on, a little a bit about your narrator. I’m Steve and I bid you a hearty hello and hope you are having/had the best day you possibly can, without it being a Thursday. I’m 38, or 37 if you don’t count lockdown birthdays. I love fantasy football games, but Fantasy ChampMan more than all the others combined. Thursday has fast become, my night out, at home. A night that brings us all together, to rewrite the past. I don’t know much about stats, nor to do I sim. I leave that to great minds, like CM Fantasy and Craig Kemp, who bring incredible data into our lives. What I do have, is a childlike excitement about the game I played for many, many hours as a teenager, student and adult (Stop laughing, I’m an adult, honest!) Well, that and as a Newcastle fan, I was hoping to get some joy from this game, thanks Joe.

The Story So Far

It has been somewhat of a roller-coaster so far this season, with GW ranks of as low as 30 and 45, being hamstrung by ranks of 1,839 and 2,042, leaving me sat on 1,011 points, and an overall rank of 183. So, who knows how the rest of the season will go, but it will be fun finding out. I mean not as much fun as a David Unsworth hat trick (I didn’t own him), or a Dennis Wise 90th Minute Double Salvo (I did own him), but I will try. But what I do know is that last week, was far better than the week before, mainly cos I actually got some returns, which I celebrated with a few beers and a cheesecake. So, raise a glass, or a fork to these lovely lads.

Into the Future (or should that be Back to the Past)

As we fly head long, or in Henry and Pires case, limp slowly, into the DGW. It appears that the carnage and disaster we all love about this game will be back. Paul Scholes up front, Arsenal rotating keepers and Delaney channelling his inner Ryan Giggs (No I don’t mean Coverting his brother’s wife, get your head out the gutter) My main concern is whether I should go for single of double fox action, I guess I will run the Ruel over it later.

Biffs Sports Almanac 

Lastly, every week I will make three predictions, for no other reason than I want to I guess and we can all laugh at how badly it went.

This week I have foreseen the following,

  • Bryan Hughes to be the top scoring midfielder
  • 2 Goalkeepers to be sent off in the first half
  • Mode to outscore Irons this week

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it, any feedback or if you just wanna chat feel free to drop me a message.

And remember this our fantasy World, let’s make it a happy one. Love you all.

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