GW25 – Sky – Sam

With my highest performing side in Sky in zero mini leagues and in an incredibly good position overall (#106 at the start of GW25) it’s a little bittersweet as realistically I cannot win any money, however, I’m still playing to get the highest national rank I can. The aim of this game week was to break the top 100 for the first time in my Sky career and therefore I will be playing it boring and safe with the most obvious captains on each day getting selected to avoid a red arrow.


With Man City playing the first game of the day and the rare luxury of not having to second guess the Pep roulette it was a straightforward decision to stick the armband on Dias. He has been in great form recently, he picked up MoM versus arsenal and was definitely due a goal. My trust in Dias was immediately repaid as he knocked in an unstoppable header in the first half, despite City losing their clean sheet Dias picked up maximum passing bonus and MoM award for the second game running. I also had John Stones who bagged a goal and passing bonus with sterling and Cancelo subject to Pep roulette, something as a City asset owner you have to accept as part and parcel of selecting their players, they won’t play every game. It was fairly unexciting for the rest of the day with Ben White getting subbed 5 passes off passing bonus and my Leeds assets blanking later that evening.


Sunday started in an excellent manor having checked the leader board first thing and seeing my side nicely inside the top 100. (#90th) I wanted to cement all the good work to get there by having another solid day. As part of the plan, I made the move off sterling to Kane and stuck the armband on the Spurs talisman. Kane retuned me a goal and shots bonus in a 4-nil win, which for a striker should be a good return, I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed as on another day he could have come away with a bigger haul having missed a couple decent chances.

 Later in the day Bruno came away with a blank (rare for him) in a 0-0 bore draw versus Chelsea. With the other popular captain pick Salah involved in the final game of the day versus Sheffield United I would have been happy with him matching Kane (as I own Salah) but it wasn’t to be and Salah came away with a blank. If it wasn’t for the single match day vs Wolves, I’d seriously consider moving Salah on, but it is probably a good thing to keep hold as the Premier Leagues top scorer can give an explosive haul against absolutely anyone so going without him is always a risk.

As of the time of writing this blog there are still some games that have not been played. I will outline my plan of action for the remainder of the game week below.


I’ll be moving Bamford on for DCL and sticking the armband on him for Monday night. Southampton have looked quite leaky at the back recently and without Romeu who’s now injured I feel they can definitely be got at.


As it’s a single gameday match we will once again have the opportunity to see the line-ups before selecting a captain, for me it’ll be a City defensive asset who gets the nod.


With a couple of games on this evening there are probably a couple of good captain shouts, I however cannot look past the highly owned Bruno away to Palace, should he haul, and you decide not to captain you can probably expect a big fat red arrow as a result.


I will have Kane, DCL and Salah all in action Thursday evening. With Salah having a tough game against Chelsea who have looked very good defensively since Tuchel taking over, I will probably be leaning towards Kane or DCL for captaincy. If DCL hauls versus Southampton it will leave me with a headache but at the moment as it stands the armband is firmly on Harry Kane.

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