RQ – GW25 Review & GW26 Thoughts

Gameweek 25 Review

It worked out to be an excellent GW for me and the first time I have cracked the top 100k. I scored 86 points which allowed the climb from 106k to 79.4k.

The two major headaches were:

  • Start Areola or Martinez, fortunately my selection worked out
  • Captain Bamford or Raphinha

Despite the stats saying Raphinha, I was too intimidated by the EO of Bamford

Antonio punishing me from the bench which has me wary that he may do that again (against Man. City) but it is a move I have decided to take.

Overall Rank

DGW26 Thoughts, Transfers, Captain & Team Reveal

With this being the biggest double gameweeks since FPL’s inception, I will use my Triple Captain chip. 

It boiled down to 3 options:

  • Kane (BUR, ful)
  • Salah (shu, CHE)
  • Bruno (che, cry)

Despite Kane winning a poll I released by a landslide, my gut went with choosing Salah. Funnily enough, despite his 40+% ownership, it feels like a differential captain and one I think could be fruitful. I do feel Liverpool will eventually start to find form, thus myself being the recipient of those Salah returns.

With quite a bit of money in the bank, I acted quickly to avoid being priced out of my moves. For a -4, I transferred out Ings (failed one week punt) for Kane (nice double and GW29 cover), and I swapped Areola (did a solid job for me) with Fabri (cheap bench fodder).


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