GW27 onwards, Gundogan still viable?

Despite city’s traditional haulers returning, Gundogan is still a viable option

One of the gems of the FPL season has been Ilkey Gundogan as an attacking force.

It seemed to have come out of nowhere, considering his lack of attacking prowess since being at Manchester City. 

But as the more traditional city FPL haulers have either been injured or out of form, Gundogan has more than stepped up to the plate. 

However, a constant curiosity in the FPL community has been when the cavalry return to the fold (Aguero, De Bruyne, Sterling), what would the Germans role within the team be.

Typically, from the previous seasons, he has acted more as the pivot/ CDM to accommodate the team defensively when all their attacking options have been available.

However, when analysing Gundogan’s movements during the GW26 match against West Ham United (which included Aguero and De Bruyne), he was still making the offensive runs into the box as he has during his form of returns.

The above heatmap suggests he still took advanced positions to contribute offensively to the team. When De Bruyne would pick up the ball, Gundogan would consistently make the penetrating runs into the box, either as a decoy or to get on the end of the deliveries.

There were multiple examples of Gundogan positioning himself in advanced positions whilst City were on the ball.

Figure 1.0

This was just after the 7th minute where Ilkey is almost in a “front 2” with Aguero whilst City had possession of the ball.

Figure 2.0

In this example Ilkey is the furthest forward which gives FPL Managers optimism that this will be his consistent behaviour during games, to contribute in offensive positions (even with the more traditional city attacking assets back)

Figure 3.0

This image is of Ilkey being one of the pressers whilst West Ham had the ball. This for me is one of the key aspects in keeping Gundogan (personally). He is not just making the runs into the box, but is actually actively chasing for ball retention to restart City attacks. 

Figure 4.0

The final image is Ilkey attacking the box, as he has been multiple times during his run of returns. This bodes well going forward as, even with the “big hitting” city assets back, Gundogan is still being given license to make key offensive contributions.


I had trepidation in keeping Gundogan once De Bruyne and Aguero returned in the latest match. However, after analysing the match and statistics, he is an asset I will not be letting go of any time soon. And with the value he comes in at (6.2m at the time of this of this article), this opens more funds to strengthen in different areas of your team.

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