EliteSerien Beginners Guide

So I know there are a lot of new people out there that want to give ESNFantasy a go for the first time this year. Therefore I’ll try to make this article a beginners guide for the game. 

As it hasn’t launched yet, this will just be some general information to help you get a feel for the game. 


The Eliteserien season runs during and after the summer, from April 5th (GW1) to November 28th (GW30).

The game is the same as FPL in many ways. Team selection, captains and scoring systems are all the same. The one thing that is different is chips, deadlines, bonus points etc. which I’ll explain further down in this article. 

The teams: 

To begin with I’ll rank the teams into three tiers: the best, average and bottom teams. 

These rankings will mainly be based on how they did last season. 

The top 5 teams: Molde, Vålerenga, Rosenborg, Bodø-Glimt and Kristiansund. 

The average/middle teams: Viking, Odd, Stabæk, Haugesund, Sarpsborg 08 and Brann. 

The bottom teams: Mjøndalen, Tromsø, Lillestrøm, Sandefjord and Strømsgodset. 

Here is the league table from last year: 

And the top scorer list from last year: 

The Chips: 

Last season in ESNfantasy we had 3 chips: Attack Attack, Rich Uncle and Two Captains along with two wildcards.

This year though, we have got confirmed that there will be a new chip. We don’t know the new one yet, but 

we have got confirmation that the Attack Attack chips will stay. This means that one of Two Captains and Rich Uncle will be removed. 

Explanation of the chips from last year: 

– Attack Attack: With this chip all your strikers score double points. So your 3 strikers are basically your captains that week. 

– Rich Uncle: The same as the Free Hit in FPL, but here you have an unlimited budget. 

– Two Captains: Both your captain and vice-captain scores double points for one week. 


One major thing with Eliteserien is that it’s really hard to predict who does well and who doesn’t . Therefore many players always get underpriced when they were not predicted to do well. This year for example, all the Bodø-Glimt players were underpriced as no one predicted them to do that well. The problem with this is that the template gets very strong a lot of the time. Jumping on players early is therefore one of the most important things in ESNFantasy. 

Bonus points: 

The bonus points do not work the same way in ESNFantasy as in FPL. In ESN there is a real person that chooses which players that get the bonus points. It is often the commentator/man in the stand that chooses this. 


The deadline in ESNFantasy is 60 minutes before the first game. However, it’s not 100% confirmed that this stays the same this year. The important thing here is that we get the team news 75 minutes before the game. So we will have the team sheets before the deadline for the teams that play in the first game. 

Price reveals: 

The FantasyFK pod (norwegian pod hosted by some of the makers of the game) has released some of the prices for this year already. Here they are: 

– Eric Kitolano (Tromsø) – £7.5 mid

– Åsen (Lillestrøm) – £8.0 mid

– Delaveris (Brann) – £8.0 mid

– Friday (Strømsgodset) – £8.0 fwd

– Kabran (Viking) – £8.5 mid

– Velde (Haugesund) – £9.0 mid

– Bakenga (Odd) – £9.0 fwd

– Vecchia (Rosenborg) – £9.5 mid

– Layouni (Vålerenga) – £10.5 mid

– Sigurdarson (Molde) – £10.5 fwd

– Junker (Bodø Glimt) – £12.5 fwd

Must-follow Twitter accounts: 

Information is the key in ESNFantasy. And there is some twitter accounts you should follow: 

@ESNJonas – tweets in norwegian, but you could use the translate option to read it. 

@Heskibo_ESN – does a Beginners pod for ESNFantasy

@TheRealNiemi – Very good at the game + normally tweets the EO and ownership of the players after the deadline. 

@FPLViking10 – does good threads about the game. 

@KaramTayser – did YouTube videos in english for ESNFantasy last year. (Dont know if he’s doing them this year though)

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